Review: Thunderbolts #5

Thunderbolts #5

And thus ends the latest chapter for the Thunderbolts, a story far too short, and a team that begs to be explored even more. Thunderbolts #5 wraps up the miniseries with the team confronting the big bad and reflecting on their strengths and weaknesses.

Written by Jim Zub, this latest incarnation has been a fun ride. With Clint Barton at the helm, the team has been generally a group of screw ups, attempting to fill a role both difficult and near possible to do. Luke Cage has tasked them with not only fighting the superpowered crime in the city but also wage a public relations battle none of the members are prepared for. But, behind the scenes they’ve been manipulated and attacked by an unknown force who is finally revealed in this issue.

As it goes, Thunderbolts #5 is a fine conclusion to this story arc. Things come together nicely and set things up for the future. But, it’s that future that’s a hinderance. There’s so much left to explore with this team and group of characters. It’s unknown if we’ll get the chance. And there’s the problem. There’s a lot left hanging and questions to be answered. Hopefully we get more but with all of that out there, the finale is a little frustrating.

But, Zub does a solid job of focusing on the individual characters as much as the team. This a group of characters that have a lot of confidence issues and have experienced a lot of crap in the past. So, Nightmare using them makes a lot of sense. In their battle, and after, Zub explores a lot of that really emphasizing how messed up this team is. Which, only makes me want more of them. This is an imperfect team who are expected to be perfect for the public. There’s so much to explore there, so much left to do.

The art by Sean Izaakse and Netho Diaz is solid. With Izaakse on ink with Victor Nava, color by Java Tartaglia, and lettering by Joe Sabino, the art has bit of a throwback style to it all. The grit and gritty isn’t present, but there’s more than enough trauma and drama in the visuals to up the action. Panel layouts are very unique and interesting matching the disjointed fight Nightmare is waging against the team.

Thunderbolts #5 is a fine ending to the series. But, it leaves us wanting more. Gutsen Glory and Eegro deserve arcs of their own exploring their history and backgrounds. Hopefully we get more with Zub at the hub. The series has balanced mystery, action, humor, and a great team dynamic and deserves more to expand all of that and entertain readers more.

Story: Jim Zub Art: Sean Izaakse, Netho Diaz
Ink: Sean Izaakse, Victor Nava Color: Java Tartaglia Letterer: Joe Sabino
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Read

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