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Preview: Unbreakable Red Sonja #2

Unbreakable Red Sonja #2

Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Giovanni Valletta
Covers: Lucio Parrillo (A), Celina (B), Giuseppe Matteoni (C), David Finch B&W (D), Cosplay / Augusta Monroe (E)
32 pages | Sword and Sorcery | $3.99 | Teen+

In this issue, Sonja and her unexpected new companion struggle to stay ahead of unnatural horrors hunting them on the open road but, if they can’t find a way to trust each other, their quest will be lost before it’s barely begun…
As we head toward 2023, the 50th anniversary of the She-Devil With a Sword, Dynamite’s newest sweeping story of sword & sorcery high adventure continues from writer Jim Zub (Conan the Barbarian, Dungeons & Dragons, Avengers) and artist Giovanni Valletta (John Wick, James Bond)!

Unbreakable Red Sonja #2

Exclusive Preview: Murderworld: Avengers #1

Murderworld: Avengers #1

(W) Jim Zub, Ray Fawkes (A) Jethro Morales
(CA) Paco Medina (VCA) Salvador Larroca, Skottie Young
In Shops: Nov 16, 2022
SRP: $3.99

• Hundreds are killed every year in an elaborate secret tournament run by a sadistic man with nearly limitless resources at his fingertips.
• It’s not an urban legend. It’s not a myth – MURDERWORLD is real! It’s online, and the gruesome truth has been hidden from everyone except its victims – until NOW.
• Meet Paul Pastor, the extraordinary young documentarian who’s going to expose it all… with some super-powered help. The Black Widow has a personal grudge to settle with Murderworld mastermind Arcade – but can she stop this game before it kills again?
MURDERWORLD is the wildly violent ride you’ve been waiting for. Gut-wrenching twists, unbelievable deaths, the Avengers bloodier than you’ve ever seen them before – the tormented minds of Jim Zub (Conan the Barbarbian, AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER), Ray Fawkes (One Soul, Constantine) and Jethro Morales kick off the must-have miniseries of the year!

Murderworld: Avengers #1

Review: Skullkickers Super Special

Skullkickers Super Special

You often hear of things that were ahead of their time. They’re usually something that years later their concept blew up in popularity. Skullkickers is that type of thing. Launched years ago, the comic tells the story of Rex and Rolf, two adventures in what is an off the rails fantasy adventure. Think of it as a roleplaying game where the dungeon master has lost control. With a fantastic mix of action and adventure it’s tone would eventually find massive success in the live roleplaying sessions that have become popular. The Skullkickers Super Special celebrates 10 years of the destructive duo and it feels like no time has passed.

Written by Jim Zub, Skullkickers Super Special has Rolf and Rex infiltrating a magic academy. Yes, the comic skewers a certain hat sorting world. The two, who very much don’t like magic, are on a mission and have to do their best to fit in. That means holding back their urges for destruction but also taking classes. As Zub has shown in the past, he’s a master of both making fun of and having fun with tropes, what has come before, other properties, and more. Skullkickers is Dungeons & Dragons on Fun Dip and Pixie Sticks fueled by Mt. Dew. And it’s glorious. We get everything we’d expect and want with this and Zub shows off what made this series great (and so ahead of its time).

Edwin Huang‘s art is fantastic. Along with Misty Coats‘ coloe, the comic has a painted animated cell look to it that’s fantastic. The comic always looked great and it continues to do so here. What worked so well in the past and continues here is the use of visuals to nail the punchline of jokes. A lightning bolt is thrown at someone who speaks out of turn and all you see is blood spurting from off panel as everyone goes back to normal. Small things like that keep the frenetic jokes flowing in dialogue, actions, and what’s visually there. The duo are joined by Richy Truong on background assists and Marshall Dillon on lettering. Dillon’s lettering, like the visuals, help nail the punchlines of the jokes so many times adding to the fun vibe of it all.

Skullkickers Super Special left me wanting more. Seriously, the comic was, and is, so unique in its style and voice it deserves a return to find the massive audience it should have. All these years later, it’s like returning to an old friend and one you want to keep hanging out with.

Story: Jim Zub Art: Edwin Huang
Color: Misty Coats Background Assists: Richy Truong Letterer: Marshall Dillon
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: TFAWZeus ComicscomiXology/Kindle

Arcade hosts his deadliest game yet in the Murderworld saga

On November 16, Jim Zub and Ray Fawkes put the “murder” back in MURDERWORLD! Teaming up with an exciting lineup of all-star artists, the two writers have penned a pulse-pounding epic that begins later this month in Murderworld: Avengers #1 and comes to a crashing end in March’s Murderworld: Game Over #1! Across five one-shots, readers will witness Arcade at his darkest as he unleashes the full terror of Murderworld on an all-new cast of characters.

Two hundred contestants. One hundred million dollar prize. One winner. And to survive, they’ll have to endure a series of brutal tests in Arcade’s brand-new Murderworld. Arcade’s circus-style contests have been a punchline in the past, but this game is no joke and the body count will rise with each twist and turn. Has Arcade finally found success? Enter Paul Pastor, the extraordinary young documentarian who hopes to expose it all but he can’t do it alone. Luckily, the Black Widow has a personal grudge to settle with the Murderworld mastermind – but how many will die before she can put a stop to this wildly violent scheme??

Zub and Fawkes murderous vision is being brought to pages by Jethro Morales, Farid Karami, Carlos Nieto, Luca Pizzari, Netho Diaz, and more. Each issue features covers by Paco Medina.

Step right up to the deadliest game in the Marvel Universe when Murderworld: Avengers #1 hits stands on November 16! 

Conan the Barbarian’s creative team revealed!

Titan Comics and Heroic Signatures have revealed more details about their new co-publishing venture for Robert E. Howard’s most famous creation, Conan the Barbarian.

Launching in comic shops and digital devices in July 2023, thebrand-new Conan the Barbarian ongoing comic will be written by acclaimed and long-time Conan comic book scribe Jim Zub, and will feature the stunning art of Roberto De La Torre, and colorist José Villarrubia. This will kick off a brand-new, exhilarating series of comics of characters from across the Conan and wider Robert E. Howard mythos!

Plus, hot on the heels of this exciting new comic series, Titan Comics and Heroic Signatures have revealed that in Fall 2023, they will be continuing the hugely popular omnibus line – previously published by Marvel Comics – with the next installment, Savage Sword of Conan Volume 9.

This all-new Conan the Barbarian comic series, set in the world of a classic hero, alongside re-mastered archives, will be sure to delight longtime collectors and new fans of the Conan franchise.

Conan the Barbarian by Roberto De La Torre

Preview: Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons: The Complete Adventures

Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons: The Complete Adventures

(W) Patrick Rothfuss, Jim Zub (A/CA) Troy Little
In Shops: Oct 26, 2022
SRP: $29.99

Grab your dice, pencils, and spellbook as Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons returns in this min-maxing, saga-spanning collection! When Morty asks Rick for help learning how to play D&D to impress the girl he has a crush on, it ends up drawing the entire family into a D&D world, where they inadvertently help the “bad guys” win-but thankfully make it right in the end. Then, in the hit series Painscape, magical D&D adventures come to Earth… but will anyone survive? The world’s greatest role-playing game returns to plague the world’s most dysfunctional animated family!
Includes Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons #1-4 and Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons: Painscape #1-4, plus a brand-new story from Jim Zub and Troy Little, featuring Mr. Meeseeks conquering the Forgotten Realms!

Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons: The Complete Adventures

Preview: Batman: Urban Legends #20

Batman: Urban Legends #20

(W) Various (A) Various (CA) Max Dunbar
In Shops: Oct 11, 2022
SRP: $7.99

Jim Zub and Max Dunbar take us to the world of Batman, monster hunter! What is the Murder Club and how are they going to rock Batman’s world forever in the start of a four-part epic by Joey Esposito and Sergio Acuña? Chris Burnham’s epic Alfred saga draws to a close! And Nadia Shammas and Jahnoy Lindsay craft a deadly parenting short story starring Batman and Talia al Ghul battling for the soul of their son, Damian.

Batman: Urban Legends #20

NYCC 2022: Marvel announces new Rogue & Gambit, X-23, and more!

The Women of Marvel returned to New York York Comic Con with an impressive line-up of Marvel talent assembled to discuss what’s next for Marvel’s woman-led titles.

On the panel, writer, editor, and podcast host Angélique Roché was joined by Marvel’s Digital Media Executive Director and co-host of Women of Marvel Podcast Ellie Pyle, Senior Editor Lauren Bisom, Women of Marvel podcast co-host Judy Stephens, and writers Eve L. Ewing, Stephanie Phillips, and Erica Schultz

The lively discussion kicked off with the exciting news that the new season of Women of Marvel podcast will return on Thursday, November 3! Audience members were the first to learn the theme of the new season is “The Super Power of Mentorship.”  

Check out some of the panel’s biggest announcements below!

  • The Women of Marvel anthology returns in March 2023 with the Women of Marvel #1 (2023) one-shot. 
  • Rogue & Gambit #1a limited series written by Stephanie Phillips, art by Carlos Gomez, on sale March 2023. 
  • X-23: Deadly Regenesis #1a 5-issue limited series written by Erica Schultz, art by Edgar Salazar, with cover by Kalman Andrasofszky on sale March 2023. 
  • Betsy Braddock: Captain Britain #1 written by Tini Howard, penciled by Vasco Georgiev, cover by Erica D’Urso, and variant covers by Peach Momoko, Otto Schmidt, and D’Urso on sale February 2023.

Marvel Unlimited’s Infinity Comics including: 

  • X-Men Unlimited #56by writer and artist Jason Loo, and colored by Antonio Fabela available October 10.
  • Marvel’s Voices: Nova #20 written by Terry Blas, art by Bruno Oliveira, and colored by Cris Peters available October 12.
  • Love Unlimited: Wolverine #19 written by Sean Kelley McKeever, art by Diógenes Neves, and colored by Andres Mossa available October 13.
  • Avengers Unlimited #15, written by Jim Zub, art by Enid Balam, and colored by Chris Sotomayor available October 11.
  • Marvel Unlimited’s T.E.S.T. Kitchen #3 returns tomorrow with an all-new issue by Michelin Star Chef Paul Eschbach with art by E.J. Su. And just in time for Halloween, Marvel Unlimited will release a T.E.S.T. Kitchen Halloween Special on October 31.   
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