Review: The Variants #5

The Variants #5

The multiverse is all the rage right now in comics. Multiple versions of a character creating an infinite amount of possibilities, it’s easy to see why. Sometimes it works and lot of time it feels like a cash grab. The Variants #5 wraps up the miniseries focusing Jessica Jones as she meets versions of herself from across the multiverse, and one that’s rather evil. Which one? We get the details here as the two squads of Jessicas wrap up.

The Variants #5 has Jessica facing off against the leader of more variants as we get the reason behind everything. Written by Gail Simone, the issue is interesting as Jessica’s nemesis is everything she isn’t. The motivation is so unlike our Jessica, it’s almost the exact opposite of the character we know. Which makes things interesting. How well do we know our Jessica? She’s taken on so many roles, her variants feel like an extension of the character that has evolved and grown over the years. It’s also a villain that forces our hero to take a look at herself in a way, creating more interesting growth to come.

But, it is the Jessica we know, so we get some great comments as the fists fly and “no fighting” turns into “beat the hell of them”. There’s some things that remain the same it seems like.

The one downside is there are some questions that remain unanswered or left hanging. Nothing is vital but readers might not be totally satisfied in that way. It’s a story in the end you go with the flow and the whole creates a bigger and more satisfying picture than the individual parts.

The art by Phil Noto is fun. With lettering by Cory Petit, the fun in the comic is all of the different versions battling it out. And it works. There’s a lot to soak in with some winks and nods that comic fans will want to dissect. One version in particular is intriguing and should get readers to take notice. Overall, it keeps up the solid and consistent visuals for the comic that have delivered action and emotion with each issue.

The Variants #5 on its own is just ok. The battle is a little anti-climactic. But, there’s an emotional aspect to the ending that feels really nice. This isn’t a comic that’s completely wrapped up by punching as we might expect with Jessica Jones. And in a series that explores her character a bit, it’s a nice change of pace in a lot of ways.

Story: Gail Simone Art: Phil Noto Letterer: Cory Petit
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.25 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

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