Review: Know Your Station #1

Know Your Station #1

The wealthiest people in the solar system abandoned the Earth for a private sanctuary in space, leaving the rest of us to die amidst cataclysmic climate change. But the 1% won’t be safe for long…A murderer is on the loose, specifically targeting the super-rich. Soon Elise, an employee of the billionaire’s space station, is wrapped up in a deadly investigation, with each issue featuring a new, diabolically different kill! Know Your Station #1 delivers a murder mystery mixed with some biting satire.

Welcome to the First Resort, a space station that has allowed the powerful to escape the chaos below. Writer Sarah Gailey quickly introduces us to who those powerful are painting a picture of a society that feels like it’s a possible future and a future we should despise. What’s intriguing about Gailey’s concept is a murder mystery revolving around individuals who we should despise. Rich and with means and material far beyond what we can imagine, these are individuals who have helped destroy the world they’re escaping. These aren’t murders to mourn are feel bad about. Instead Gailey gives us Elise, an average person who doesn’t seem to fit the rest. Instead, she works as a liaison, dealing with security, but also not a cop. So, a murder is above her paygrade, knowledge, and abilities.

Liana Kangas‘ art is really interesting. With color by Rebecca Nalty and lettering by Cardinal Rae, you’ll want to look for clues and hints as to who the murder is. Know Your Station #1 features some small details here and there that readers may pick up, but, they’re also likely fake outs. Some of the fun of the comic is that experience. There’s also something interesting about the juxtaposition of the murders and the space station. One is very clean, neat, and organized, while the murders are so over-the-top. But, Kangas doesn’t exploit what could easily be gross and shocking.

Know Your Station #1 is an interesting start that’s a who-done-it but with some layers and commentary thrown in. It does what sci-fi does best, comments on society, while also making sure to entertain.

Story: Sarah Gailey Art: Liana Kangas
Color: Rebecca Nalty Letterer: Cardinal Rae
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.1 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

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