Preview: Van Helsing: Flesh of My Blood

Van Helsing: Flesh of My Blood

Story: Dave Franchini, David Wohl, Pat Shand
Writer: Pat Shand
Art: Hakan Aydin
Color: Grostieta
Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Editor: David Wohl
Cover A: Jeff Spokes
Cover B: Igor Vitorino / Adriano Augusto
Cover C: Michael DiPascale / Sanju Nivangune
Cover D: Nei Ruffino

When Dr. Julie Jekyll is targeted by a mysterious and deadly creature, Van Helsing must rush to her aid and fight for her friend’s survival while trying to discover the identity of this new enemy. But when this being seems to know her deepest, darkest secrets and greatest weaknesses, even the renowned Liesel Van Helsing may not have the power to defeat it.

Van Helsing: Flesh of My Blood

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