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Preview: OZ: Return of the Wicked Witch #1 (of 3)

OZ: Return of the Wicked Witch #1 (of 3)

(W) David Wohl (CA) Jeff Spokes
In Shops: Nov 02, 2022
SRP: $5.99

In a time before the Emerald City, a Wicked Witch of the North ruled all of Oz. Banished to the southern lands many eons ago and kept at bay by ancient magicks far beyond her control, she languished. Now, with the Witch’s exile finally coming to an end, Dorothy and her friends will witness the return of the true Wicked Witch to the Marvelous Land of OZ!

OZ: Return of the Wicked Witch #1 (of 3)

Get an early look at I Am Batman #15

At the end of I Am Batman #14, it looks like Jace Fox has done the unthinkable, putting a serious beating on NYPD Detective Whitaker. But if you noticed the final page, things might not be as they seem (check Detective Whitaker’s eyes). In this next issue Jace finds out that his deepest fears are being exploited as he faces off against Sinestro (his first legit super-villain), and finds that he may have a larger stake in that battle than he realized.

Get a look at what’s coming in I Am Batman #15!

Dark Crisis tie-in issue! When Jon Kent first asked Jace Fox to join the new Justice League, the answer was a firm no. But as Deathstroke and the Legion of Doom hunt the heroes of the DCU Jace learns the hard way that there are some fights from which Batman cannot run, and the only thing he has to fear…is fear itself!

Written by John Ridley, with art by Karl Mostert, a main cover by Christian Duce, and variant covers by Jeff Spokes, Canaan White, and Khary Randolph. I Am Batman #15 comes to comic shops on November 8.

I Am Batman #15

Preview: Blade Runner: Black Lotus #3

Blade Runner: Black Lotus #3

(W) Nancy A. Collins (A) Enid Balam (CA) Jeff Spokes
In Shops: Oct 05, 2022
SRP: $3.99

Set after the events of the Blade Runner: Black Lotus anime series!
Elle, aka Black Lotus, hoped she could leave behind her violent past and find a new life. But is that possible in a world where replicants are still hunted and feared?

Blade Runner: Black Lotus #3

Preview: Van Helsing: Flesh of My Blood

Van Helsing: Flesh of My Blood

Story: Dave Franchini, David Wohl, Pat Shand
Writer: Pat Shand
Art: Hakan Aydin
Color: Grostieta
Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Editor: David Wohl
Cover A: Jeff Spokes
Cover B: Igor Vitorino / Adriano Augusto
Cover C: Michael DiPascale / Sanju Nivangune
Cover D: Nei Ruffino

When Dr. Julie Jekyll is targeted by a mysterious and deadly creature, Van Helsing must rush to her aid and fight for her friend’s survival while trying to discover the identity of this new enemy. But when this being seems to know her deepest, darkest secrets and greatest weaknesses, even the renowned Liesel Van Helsing may not have the power to defeat it.

Van Helsing: Flesh of My Blood

Preview: Robyn Hood: The Children of Dr. Moreau

Robyn Hood: The Children of Dr. Moreau

Story: Joe Brusha
Art: Ismael Canales
Color: Juan Manuel Rodriguez
Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Cover A: Jeff Spokes
Cover B: Igor Vitorino / Ivan Nunes
Cover C: Riveiro / Grostieta
Cover D: Ivan Tao

Unexplained disappearances lead Robyn deep beneath the New York City streets where something evil lurks. Robyn has faced these reptilian monsters before, but their mysterious new leader has made them deadlier than ever. Guest starring Britney Waters aka Red Agent.

Robyn Hood: The Children of Dr. Moreau

Preview: Belle: Labyrinth

Belle: Labyrinth

(W) Dave Franchini (CA) Jeff Spokes
In Shops: May 18, 2022
SRP: $5.99

32 Epic Pages of Content!

Legends speak of an ancient labyrinth, one filled with horrifying and deadly creatures, as well as the remains of the brave warriors foolish enough to trek its elaborate web-like corridors. But at the center of this dangerous network of blood and beasts lies the key to a world beyond our existence, and Anabelle “Belle” DiMarco is on a mission to scour this vast maze in search of a priceless reward.

Getting in is easy, but finding her way out can prove more of a challenge than she imagined. Because what she finds within might cost her more than her life, as her soul hangs in the balance!

Belle: Labyrinth

Preview: Robotech #23

Robotech #23

Author(s): Simon Furman, Brenden Fletcher
Artist(s): Hendry Prasetya, Sarah Stone
Cover Artist(s): Jeff Spokes (A), Vehicle Action Figure (B), Nick Brokenshire (C)
Retail Price: $3.99
Ship Date/Month: August 14, 2019

Event Horizon (3 of 4)! Robotech’s epic event approaches its climax, as classic characters clash and fall! With an extra story by Brenden Fletcher (Isola, Motorcrush) and artist Sarah Stone (Netflix’s Castlevania)!

Robotech #23

Preview: Robotech #17


Writer: Simon Furman
Artists: Hendry Prasetya, Pasquale Qualano
Cover A: Jeff Spokes
Cover B: Action Figure Variant
Cover C: The Waltrip Brothers
Publisher: Titan Comics
FC, 32pp, $3.99, On sale: February 6, 2019

A new arc in the radical reimagining of the classic sci-fi anime – perfect for fans old and new!

As the wounded SDF-1 drifts above Earth and the fleeing Zentraedi swear revenge, Zand’s mad experiments unleash chaos in the ranks.

The build-up to a brand-new event! The fist step to a crisis that will tear time and space asunder, as Robotechnology runs wild!

Twists and turns from writer Simon Furman (Transformers) with mecha combat from Hendry Prasetya (Power Rangers).


Aphrodite V, Vol. 1 Explores Terrors of Black Market Technology

Bryan Hill and Jeff Spokes will release Aphrodite V, Vol. 1 this December from Image Comics and Top Cow Productions.

In the near future, Los Angeles is a city on the brink of evolution, struggling with a new wave of terror powered by black market technology. Enter Aphrodite V: a fugitive from her masters, seeking individuality and purpose. She is the bleeding edge of biomechanics…and Los Angeles’ best hope against a new enemy that seeks to become a god among machines.

One machine wants to destroy the city. Another has come to save it. Only one will survive.

Aphrodite V, Vol. 1 (Diamond code: OCT180052, ISBN: 978-1-5343-0984-5) hits comic book stores on Wednesday, December 19th and bookstores on Tuesday, December 25th.

Preview: Aphrodite V #4

Aphrodite V #4

(W) Bryan Hill (A/Cover A) Jeff Spokes (Cover B) Raffaele Ienco

MINISERIES FINALE! The final battle with Basilisk will test Martin, Aphrodite, and Hui-Men. Aphrodite may not be a human being, but she can die like one… and that just might be the peace for which she’s been searching.

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