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Zenescope Announces a Conspiracy Sequel from the Goldbergs’ Hans Rodionoff and Adam F Goldberg


Zenescope Entertainment may be known primarily for its various reinventions of fairy tales and fables, but the company has churned out dozens of horror and sci-fi titles over the years starting as far back as 2006 when it released a terrifying prequel series to the hit film, Se7en.

Last year, veteran comic book and screenwriter, Hans Rodionoff, worked with Zenescope’s creative team of Ralph Tedesco, Joe Brusha, and Dave Franchini to develop and write Conspiracy. A five-issue science fiction thriller that dives head-on into various Illuminati conspiracy theories as seen through the eyes of a couple who finds themselves pulled down a rabbit hole filled with shocking twists and turns.

Rodionoff returns to pen volume two, entitled Conspiracy: Aliens, and this time he brought longtime friend and collaborator, Adam F Goldberg, along for the ride. Goldberg is of course known for creating the massive hit TV series The Goldbergs and ABC’s new hit series Schooled

Written by Hans Rodionoff and Adam F Goldberg with artwork by Allan Otero and Leonardo Paciarotti, Conspiracy Volume 2 will follow a similar structure to the first series as each of the five oversized issues will contain stand-alone stories while weaving in a connecting story. The series will delve into various alien conspiracy theories all starting with the infamous Area 51.

Each issue of Conspiracy: Aliens contains 26 pages of story and hits shelves on February 26th. Comic book retailers can utilize Diamond’s FOC program to increase orders for the upcoming series on or before February 3rd.

NYCC 2019: Zenescope Announces Exclusives, Signings, and a Scavenger Hunt


Zenescope Entertainment has announced its plans for New York Comic Con 2019. The popular comic book and graphic novel publisher will be set up at its regular location, booth #1906, directly in front of the Sideshow Collectibles booth in the main hall of the Jacob K Javits Convention Center.

Zenescope will have several brand new, limited edition exclusive comics on hand throughout Comic Con weekend. These highly collectible variant covers will feature incredible artwork by superstar artists Elias Chatzoudis, Paul Green, David Nakayama, Eric “EBAS” Basaldua, Sabine Rich, and many others. Aside from Zenescope’s comics, graphic novels, and box sets, the company will also be debuting new merchandise that includes a collectible, retro lunch box, limited edition pins, and Zenescope branded metal cards. Customers who make a purchase at the booth will be entered into a raffle to win a special edition custom skin Playstation 4 among other amazing prizes.

The company will also be holding its first NYCC 2019 scavenger hunt during the convention weekend as it provides hints and clues to attendees in order to win special prizes. Approach Zenescope staff during show hours to find out how to participate. If you are unable to attend in person, Zenescope will also be holding a scavenger hunt on its website. Winners of the scavenger hunts will receive tickets to a 2020 trade show of their choice that Zenescope will be attending.

Lastly, appearing at Zenescope’s booth throughout the weekend will be a variety of writers and artists. The incredibly talented illustrator, Mike Krome, will be set up at the booth all weekend long for signings and sketches. Zenescope co-founders and writers Ralph Tedesco and Joe Brusha will be on hand to sign books as will Zenescope editor and writer, Dave Franchini, and writer Nick Bermel. 

Review: Grimm Tales of Terror Presents: The Bridgewater Triangle #1

Grimm Tales of Terror Presents: The Bridgewater Triangle #1

MTV’s foray into scripted programming has been a mixed bag of sorts. As animated shows like Daria and Beavis & Butthead are cultural icons and shows that are still relatable today. There is unintentionally consistent but gory Scream which failed to truly grab an audience. Then there’s the superior Teen Wolf, a remake television series based on the well liked Michael J. Fox film.

The television show took what was a funny if not typical teenage supernatural comedy and made it into a pulse-pounding thriller. It took the charm of the movie and made it an action-packed and masterfully told story revolving around a werewolf and his friends, both human and supernatural. The mythology that the show built upon was immense where the town they lived in was just as important as the supernatural creatures that inhabited it. In Grimm Tales Of Terror: the Bridgewater Triangle, we are taken to a town where evil lurks not only in the shadows but even in the daylight.

Welcome to the Hockomock swamp, near the town of Bridgewater, where a group of friends, are doing research on the myth and legends revolving around both surroundings, which is met with anxiety by the locals they ask. From there we’re given a tale of terror involving abandoned camps, empty cabins, and demons.

Overall, a creepy thriller that will have your skin crawling. The story by Brian Studler is tense and well characterized. The art by the creative team delivers gorgeous horror and gore. Altogether, a story that gets under your skin, leaving readers closing their eyes in the most unexpected moments.

Story: Brian Studler Art: Deivis Goetten and Maxflan Araujo
Story: 10 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.8 Recommendation: Buy

Review: The Watcher #1

The Watcher #1

As a fan of horror movies, it can be difficult to find a film that is both good narrative-wise and in relation to entertainment value. The movies that usually stay with you re the ones that are completely plausible. Take, for instance, the plot of The Purge. A film series and television show which answers a very real question concerning overpopulation. Then there’s Hostel, a story based on actual acts that take place in Thailand.

Then there’s entertainment that “feels real,” but is less so because it deals with the supernatural.  Take, for instance, the 2004 movie Sightings-Heartland Ghost starring Nia Long and Beau Bridges. The film crew on the show Sightings filmed a demon possession. It was an event that would forever change the film crew and the family that was being haunted. The debut issue of The Watcher features a story much like that film unspools and is one of the best “jump scares” I have ever read.

We open on a young woman who’s seemingly asleep having nightmares. The dream becomes too much, as every night it feels even more real. We’re taken to Saint Michael’s High School, in East Point, Massachusetts, where we find our protagonist, Erica, beginning at her fifth school in so many years. Her acclimation to her new surroundings has its own bumps in the roads. Finding friends is easy but someone she can trust is more difficult. The series spirals into the introduction of a brutal killer whose targets seem more than coincidental.

Overall, The Watcher #1 is a story that mixes coming of age tropes with supernatural and horror elements. That changes the paradigm on the genre. The story by Ralph Tedesco and Victoria Rau is horrifying, smart, and exciting. The art by the creative team is stunning. Altogether, a story that looks to make the reader jumps out of their socks and does it exceedingly well.

Story: Ralph Tedesco and Victoria Rau
Art: Carlos M. Mangual, Julius Abrera, Fran Gamboa,
and J.C.Ruiz
Story: 10 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.4 Recommendation: Buy

Review: The Black Knight Vol. 1

The Black Knight Vol. 1

When it comes to superheroes, there is none more tragic or complicated than Daredevil. As the titular character and his real-life alter ego, Matt Murdock, is both dark and magnetic. His need to do good in the world as a lawyer outweighed his need to make money like most. His thirst for justice is what made him Daredevil, ensuring no miscarriage of justice was not answered.

This need is what makes him such a compelling character. This is also what makes him such a unique character in the Marvel Universe and what draws him to Frank Castle as their dark recesses usually aligned. I always wondered other than his heightened senses and super strength, what if he had powers that would make him invincible? In the first volume of The Black Knight, we find a hero like Matt Murdock but with mystical powers.

We meet Peyton Parks, a defense lawyer in New York City and the Black Knight, a mystical defender who received her powers from a book of fables. As she I the midst of stopping a mob hit by the Russian mafia in a courtroom,  as the man she is defending in court, Nikolai,   has some powerful enemies as he is testifying against his own crime syndicate and her guilt for letting her father die in prison has made her superimpose his memory on every client she has.  Her appearance as The Black Knight, prompts her client’s former organization to reach out to a family member with some special gifts, Ursa. This also brings Sirin, the rival crime syndicate’s sadistic hitwoman, whose thirst for revenge for Nikolai killing her brother. Soon, Peyton finds out just why everyone is out to kill Nikolai, including the prison warden.

Overall, an interesting story that gives the world a complex female action hero, one who doesn’t always do the right thing. The story by Terry Kavanagh is action packed and well developed. The art by the creative team is gorgeous. Altogether, one of the more interesting protagonists in the Grimm Universe finally gets her due.

Story: Terry Kavanagh
Art: Sergio Anno, Saida Temofonte,
and Robby Bevard
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Dragonsblood #1

Dragonsblood #1

The films of Mathew McConaughey can definitely be a mixed bag, as not all his films are great. Some of his movies are just plain dumb fun like Failure To Launch. As the movie played into his personality and what makes him charming. Then there are movies like Dallas Buyers Club which was essentially two pronged, as it showed his serious side and talked about a serious underserved issue. Then there those movies which are pretty horrible like The Beach Bum which made no sense and felt like a waste of time.

Then there are those movies that depending on who you talk to, will either gets an enthusiastic thumbs up or have someone say it was no good at all. One of those movies for me was How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, as it was both funny and rewatchable. Another one of those movies that I personally enjoyed was Reign Of Fire, a postapocalyptic movie where we live in a world where humans live in fear of dragons. In the debut issue of Dragonsblood, we meet the last dragon slayer in a mighty family line, as he must rise against his family’s ancient foe.

We meet Sigurd, of the Volsung clan, as he gives the reader a rundown of how his family got decimated. As he searches a dragon’s lair, for Fafnir, the dragon responsible for the deaths of many of his family, he is reminded of those he lost as their corpses scattered through the catacomb. As he begins his battle with Fafnir, t was all but certain he had met his doom, as the weapon he brought was not enough. By issue’s end, he finally defeats the dragon that killed his family, but is fate lies ahead, one that no one including him sees coming.

Overall, a thrilling debut issue that shows how important legacy is and correcting past wrongs can be. The story by Nick Bermel is heartfelt and action packed. The art by the creative team is alluring and vivid. Altogether, a story which shows that there is more to stories about dragon than fire and ice.

Story: Nick Bermel Art: Jason Muhr and Maxflan Araujo
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Revenge of Wonderland

Revenge of Wonderland

Recently, I went back home to the place where my father was from and where I was raised for a portion of my adolescent years. The thing is, the time between when I was last there and when I recently went had been 30 years. As with most places and people you have not seen in a while, it’s not quite the same. In some instances, it definitely is completely different and when you realize that, is when you typically grasp that you have changed as well.

I know certainly this is what I think of when I go back home to New York. I loved my upbringing, my friends, and my family, but really cannot see living there again. What happens when a place you love, is not what you remembered? In the first volume of Revenge Of Wonderland we find out what happens to a place which has turned into the total opposite of what it was originally conceived as.

WE meet Callie and Violet Liddle, a mother and daughter who share more than blood as Violet suffered a similar strange ordeal as her mother, Callie. As Callie ruled as the White Queen in Wonderland for many years until an uneasy truce made her step down. As things change, so has Wonderland, and so has that truce, which has forced the Liddles to come back to bout for the land they once fought for. As we catch up with the Liddles, enjoying their normal lives back on Earth. As Callie meets an obsessive fangirl of her books, whose fixation becomes dangerous for all, opening a door back to Wonderland and trouble headed the Liddles way, in the form of the Duchess. As there is even more trouble as mysterious murders, sightings of large purple cats and child disappearances causes Violet to investigate what is causing all these things and what is their connection to Wonderland. This catches the Duchess’s attention, leading her to unleash the Clubs, her dangerous faceless underlings, who take Violet, which leads Callie back to Wonderland to save her daughter. As we find about the Duchess and how became who she was, as she was not always evil. We also find out about our other villain, one even more insidious, Mr.Monarch, a serial killer who has been trapping members of his community one by one. By book’s end, Callie and Violet battle the Duchess, but eventually win her over by showing how love is stronger than hate, and though their lives go back to normal fr now, a worst foe has been awakened.

Overall, an interesting and well told story that injects the reader in to this magical world and does alternate universes right. The story by Raven Gregory is lavish, comprehensive, and action packed. The art by the creative team is utterly elegant and intense. Altogether, an excellent story which more comic book fans should know.

Story: Raven Gregory Art: Allan Otero, Grostieta, and Maxflan Araujo
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Zenescope provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Review: Hellchild: Blood Money #1

Hellchild: Blood Money #1

For anyone who watches Richard Madden’s work, you know he’s one up and coming actor. Most people got introduced to him through Game Of Thrones where he played the heroically tragic Robb Stark, a flawed leader whose bad decisions caught up with him ultimately. Lucky for him, his fate did not go the way of most television actors, in fact, he’s done a few films and starred in a few more shows each one possessing a stellar story. One of his first ones was Medici where he played the oft mentioned bankers for the Vatican, in a rather captivating tale.

Another story that put him front and center was The Bodyguard. In the story he played David Budd, a British Secret Service agent charged with guarding the UK Home Secretary. He protected someone who everyone disliked and had people looking to kill them at every turn. In the debut issue of Hellchild: Blood Money our protagonist while working as a hired gun gets pulled into a wasp nest of pandemonium.

We are taken to the Hollywood Hills in California where Jake, the son of a powerful politician has made a life changing mistake, one that could end life as he knows it. His father’s head of security decides to hire Jessica Blackstone, aka Hellchild, a bodyguard with some otherworldly talents. Meanwhile, the two girls Jake killed worked for a powerful gangster, somebody who wants to be paid for what considered his property.

Overall, an action-packed debut issue that plays into the bigger Grimm Fairytales Universe while setting itself apart at the same time. The story by Ralph Tedesco, Joe Brusha, and Dave Franchini is fun, gory and pulse pounding. The art by Butch Mapa, Taylor Esposito, and Dijjo is magnificent. Altogether, an exceptional debut that deftly blends crime thrillers and genre shows.

Story: Ralph Tedesco, Joe Brusha and Dave Franchini
Art: Butch Mapa, Taylor Esposito and Dijjo
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Zenescope provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Review: Gretel #1

Gretel #1

There is something about broken-hearted superheroes which keep fans coming back for more. Take for instance, the newest program on DC Universe, Doom Patrol. The show is made up of protagonists with very complicated backstories, all of them heart wrenching. It’s the reason people have watched the Showtime show Ray Donovan. They love difficult people they can identify with. It’s even true with music videos as anyone who has seen Alicia Keys’ Dreaming With a Broken Heart, can see in its few minutes, a story of a hero who cannot love.

As human beings often offer empathy through art, each of these stories offer something indelible to their audiences.  What tethers the last Avengers movie together so well is how attached we were to each character who became part of Thanos’ act to diminish existence of half of its population.  Many of us who know the story and anyone who has seen the trailer know this is what drives the remaining heroes forward. In the debut issue of Zenescope‘s new seriesGretel, we get one such protagonist whose powers are put to the test by revisiting some painful history.

Gretel #1 introduces us to a new corner of Zenescope’s Grimm Universe and serves as a solid introduction to the character. It’s a twist on the classic tale following Gretel, who must deal with the tragic events involving her brother and a maniacal witch. She is now cursed with a life that’ll span centuries.

She now also has the gift of premonition which has shown her the end of the world.

Overall, an exceptional debut issue that tells a very different take on a well-known character. The story by Ben Meares is action packed, scary, and solid. The art by Allan Otero and Ceci De La Cruz is vivid and elegant. Altogether, a pulse pounding introduction that shows writers everywhere how to write a great backstory.

Story: Ben Meares Art: Allan Otero and Ceci De La Cruz
Story: 10 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.6 Recommendation: Buy

Zenescope provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

C2E2 2019: Zenescope Announces their Plans including Panels and Guests

Comic book and graphic novel publisher, Zenescope Entertainment, has announced its plans for Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 2019. The convention will run March 22nd-24th, 2019 and will be located in the South Building at McCormick Place, in downtown Chicago. Zenescope will be at booth #609 during the convention.

Among the comic books, graphic novels, box collections, and various merchandise available at Zenescope’s booth, the company will also debut three separate C2E2 Exclusive Comics with cover artwork by popular artists: Elias Chatzoudis and Paul Green. These exclusive comic book issues are all limited editions, ranging from 75 to 500 total copies.

Zenescope’s Sela Mathers (Snow White) statue, which was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, will be available in limited quantities. In collaboration with Silver Fox Collectibles, a prototype of Zenescope’s new Belle statute will be showcased at the booth. The first in a series with Silver Fox, the high-end collectible is 1:4 in scale, stands around 24-inches tall, and features an interchangeable masked or unmasked Belle head, along with a sword, axe, and hand pistol.The first 100 pre-orders will receive a signed art print by the statue artist, Igor Vitorino. Pre-orders are now open.

On Sunday March 24th, 2019, Zenescope will also be hosting a panel discussion titled, “The Future is Grim(m): Celebration of Dark Fantasy in Pop Culture” at 10:45 AM in Room #S405A. Host, Christopher Samson, and panelists, Alé Garza, Anthony Spay, Michael Dolce, Jason Metcalf, and Nick Bermel will discuss the identifying features of the dark fantasy genre, its history, notable and significant works, and its future.

Zenescope C2E2 2019
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