Wild River Comics launches horror title Lurker in time for Halloween!

Having introduced readers to Daughters of Albion earlier this summer, London-based creative studio Wild River Comics are back with a fresh Kickstarter campaign for their new horror title, Lurker!

A cross between Uncle Creepy and Bob from Twin Peaks, Lurker is a shadowy figure who acts as both host and instigator for the stories he presents. Issue #1, subtitled Harriet Is A Tree, is a suitably unsettling introduction to the character through the tale of young Harriet and her mother.

Joining Beanie Aurora White for Lurker’s debut outing is artist Anna Readman, colorist Tanya Roberts, letterer Cardinal Rae, and editor Martin Eden. The Kickstarter edition of the comic comes with two gorgeous covers – a regular edition by artist Abigail Harding, and an exclusive variant by Paula Andrade – along with a host of other incentives.

Backers can choose between various tiers – ranging from digital and print editions of the comic to a Lurker T-shirt and Daughters of Albion catch-up pack. In addition to those offerings, there are six higher tier slots for dedicated fans – five of which come with a page of Anna Readman’s original art, and one that features Abigail Harding’s original cover art for issue #1.