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Wild River Comics launches horror title Lurker in time for Halloween!

Having introduced readers to Daughters of Albion earlier this summer, London-based creative studio Wild River Comics are back with a fresh Kickstarter campaign for their new horror title, Lurker!

A cross between Uncle Creepy and Bob from Twin Peaks, Lurker is a shadowy figure who acts as both host and instigator for the stories he presents. Issue #1, subtitled Harriet Is A Tree, is a suitably unsettling introduction to the character through the tale of young Harriet and her mother.

Joining Beanie Aurora White for Lurker’s debut outing is artist Anna Readman, colorist Tanya Roberts, letterer Cardinal Rae, and editor Martin Eden. The Kickstarter edition of the comic comes with two gorgeous covers – a regular edition by artist Abigail Harding, and an exclusive variant by Paula Andrade – along with a host of other incentives.

Backers can choose between various tiers – ranging from digital and print editions of the comic to a Lurker T-shirt and Daughters of Albion catch-up pack. In addition to those offerings, there are six higher tier slots for dedicated fans – five of which come with a page of Anna Readman’s original art, and one that features Abigail Harding’s original cover art for issue #1.

Get a look at Bloodborne: Lady of the Lanterns #1

Bloodborne: Lady of the Lanterns #1

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Piotr Kowalski
Colorist: Brad Simpson
Letterer: Andworld Design
Cover A: Junggeun Yoon
Cover B: Abigail Harding
Cover C: Damien Worm
Cover D: Piotr Kowalski Co-Pic
Cover E: Blank Sketch Variant
Publisher: Titan Comics
FC, 32pp, $3.99
On Sale July 27, 2022



Enter the city of Yharnam through the eyes of its citizens, when new hunters take to the streets to fight against the cruel and unusual epidemic that has gripped the city. in the black of the night, families and faith will be tested…

Bloodborne: Lady of the Lanterns #1

Preview: Doctor Who Origins #2

Doctor Who Origins #2

Writer: Jody Houser
Artist: Roberta Ingranata
Colorist: Warnia K. Sahadewa
Letterer: Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt
Cover A: Abigail Harding
Cover B: Photo
Cover C: Iolanda Zanfardino
FC, $3.99, 32pp

A brand new, never-before-seen adventure featuring the Fugitive Doctor in her comics debut!

Working for the mysterious division on a dangerous assignment, the Doctor uncovers something insidious afoot. Discover why this regeneration became known as the Fugitive!

Doctor Who Origins #2

Get a look at the Bloodborne: Lady of the Lanterns #1 covers

Titan Comics has released a look at the Bloodborne: Lady of the Lanterns #1, based on the critically-acclaimed video game.

Bloodborne: Lady of the Lanterns #1, written by Cullen Bunn, and art by Piotr Kowalski, and colorist Brad Simpson, features a range of covers by artists including Junggeun Yoon, Abigail Harding, and Damien Worm.

Bloodborne: Lady of the Lanterns #1 (on-sale July 27, 2022) spins out from the special Bloodborne Free Comic Book Day edition (which is available for fans to pick up at their local comic shop on Saturday May 7, 2022). 

In this brand-new comic series, new hunters take to the streets to fight against the cruel and unusual epidemic that has gripped the city. In the black of the night, families and faith will be tested… 

Titan Reveals New Doctor Who Series, Empire of the Wolf

Titan Comics has announced that this November will see the launch of a special Doctor Who comic series marking the 25th anniversary of the Eighth Doctor as well as the 11th anniversary of the Eleventh Doctor, plus the return of the iconic companion Rose Tyler. 

Following on from the huge success of the Doctor Who comic crossover adventures, starring the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors, this special comic event sees the Eighth and Eleventh Doctors (as played by Paul McGann and Matt Smith respectively) team up with Rose Tyler to defeat a brand-new villain!

Trapped in a parallel universe, Rose Tyler believed her adventures with the Doctor were over. Now, pulled by a mysterious energy into this reality, she must work with two Doctors to end the tyrannical rule of the warmongering BAD WOLF EMPRESS!

This new series will also see the return of the critically acclaimed creative team behind the Doctor Who comics, with Eisner-nominated writer Jody Houser, illustrator Roberta Ingranata, and colorist Enrica Eren Angiolini all taking part in this unique and exciting project.

Empire of the Wolf #1 will debut with a selection of amazing variant covers by David Busian, Abigail Harding, and Christopher Jones as well as a photo cover featuring a brand-new character appearing in the upcoming TV series – plus much more! 

Doctor Who: Empire of the Wolf #1 hits stores and digital devices November 3, 2021.

Preview: Bloodborne #15

Bloodborne #15

Author(s): Aleš Kot
Artist(s): Piotr Kowalski, Brad Simpson
Cover Artist(s): Abigail Harding (A), Yoshioka (B), Game Art (C)
Retail Price: $3.99
Ship Date/Month: September 18, 2019

The Veil, Torn Asunder (3 of 4)! Stranded in blood-slick streets, our lone wanderer must navigate the crumbling city of Yharnam, and the broken roads of his own mind. Ales Kot and Piotr Kowalski delve deeper into the world of smash hit video game Bloodborne, in this critically acclaimed horror-mystery comic!

Bloodborne #15

Preview: Penny Dreadful: The Awakening #4


Writer: Chris King
Artist: Jesus Hervas
Cover A: Eleonora Carlini
Cover B: Photo – Russell Seal
Cover C: Abigail Harding
Publisher: Titan Comics
FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On sale: July 12, 2017


An ill wind blows through the streets of London…

Lyle’s revelations about the creatures stalking the night have made it abundantly clear – the ordeal that was Vanessa Ives’ life did not end with her death. She will not be allowed to rest in peace. As the party in the drawing room prepares to gather their strength once more, they find their sanctuary under threat and, to survive, they must scatter…

Meanwhile, Kaetenay has embarked on a quest of his own, one that takes him into a shadow world that could be just as dangerous as the one his chosen son, Ethan, is walking through..