Even a Reaper Can’t Escape the Rulers of the Afterlife in Grim #4

BOOM! Studios has revealed a first look at Grim #4, the next issue of the new ongoing comic book series from acclaimed writer Stephanie Phillips, fan favorite artist Flaviano, colorist Rico Renzi, and letterer Tom Napolitano, with a story about a young woman with a macabre job and a mysterious death to solve . . . her own! Available August 24, 2022.

With her very afterlife at stake, Jess must confront a dangerous figure, raising questions about her own death. Now a fugitive, Jess needs answers and is running out of options. Luckily, a new, powerful scythe might be the key to deciphering this entire mystery!

Grim #4 features main and variant cover art by series artist Flaviano, and variant cover art by acclaimed artists Jenny Frison, Simone Di Meo, and Morgan Beem

Grim #4