Review: Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor #2

Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor #2

Life leads you some unexpected paths. We all have a plan of how things are supposed to go. There are the things we can control, and we do everything we could do to ensure our desired outcome. Then there are those things out of our hands.  

That job you want , that person you have feelings for , that reward you felt was yours, things that you have no power over and can frustrate you to no end. Sometimes, this is when we surprise ourselves. It may lead us to places and people we never knew we needed. In Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor #2 we find Jane , looking to Doctor Voodoo for answers.

We find Thor in a dark place, as he is being hunted by a giant snake, fearing these may be his last moments, he flashes to the time Freya thought him about death, and remembering the one he truly loved, Jane. We are also taken to Asgard, where Sif is fighting alongside the Valkyries as the Dark Elves try to take the kingdom. We also find  Jane in New Orleans looking to Doctor Voodoo for help in finding Thor,an ask, not easily granted.. By issue’s end, Jane is headed to the Splinter Realsm to find Thor and Echantress has breached Asgard’s walls to obtain the keys ot Hel.

Overall, Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor #2 is a momentous second issue that never pumps the brakes. The story by Gronbekk is mesmerizing. The art by creative team is gorgeous. Altogether, it’s a story that leaves readers breathless.

Story: Torunn Gronbekk Art: Michael Dowling
Color: Jesus Aburtov Letterer: Joe Sabino
Story: 10 Art: 9.7 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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