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AHOY Comics celebrates 5 years with new series, specials, and Grant Morrison

In addition to top-quality story and art, AHOY Comics has become known for the short prose extras that run in the back of every title. Now, as part of the publisher’s gala fifth anniversary, a baker’s dozen of the comics industry’s finest prose writers have combined to craft an epic serial that will run through the AHOY line this fall. 


…is a thirteen-part epic that kicks off with an extra-long first installment by the bestselling writer Grant Morrison, whose many award-winning comics works include JLA, New X-Men, and Green Lantern, and whose first novel Luda was published last year to great acclaim. The serial will debut in Project Cryptid #1, the first of AHOY’s new fall titles.

Over the following three months, Partially Naked Came the Corpse! will weave in and out of all AHOY’s regular titles, plus the fifth anniversary specials The Wrong Earth: We Can Be Heroes #1-2 and new title Deadweights #1. Finally, in late November, Partially Naked Came the Corpse! will conclude with a bang in the Captain Ginger: The Last Feeder #1, the first of another two-part anniversary series. 

Writers include recent award-winners Mark Russell and Alex Segura, Marvel writer Torunn Grønbekk, plus a murderer’s row of AHOY stars: Bryce Ingman, Carol Lay, Carrie Harris, Hanna Bahedry, Audrey Ryer, Kirk Vanderbeek, Lisa Jonte, Stuart Moore, and Kek-w. Illustrator Jon Proctor’s mind-blowing artwork will adorn each installment.

Project: Cryptid #1 which will be available in stores on September 6, 2022.

The new Red Sonja comic gets a trailer!

An all-new era of Red Sonja quickly approaches, as Dynamite celebrates the iconic character’s big 50th anniversary. It all starts with the new series written by Torunn Grønbekk and drawn by Walter Geovani. To get fans excited for the series, a Dynamite has released a trailer!

Showcasing the blistering action and dramatic moments, the trailer encapsulates Geovani’s wonderful art and the thrilling script from Grønbekk as well as showcasing the amazing cover art. Readers can tune in to get a taste and excited for the July 19 launch, and they’re also encouraged to preorder the first issue and subscribe to the series with their favorite Local Comic Shop to make sure they never miss an issue! With more than a dozen gorgeous variant covers available for #1, and even more heavy hitters coming on the second issue and beyond, there’s something for every kind of comics fan in this series!

Red Sonja Preludes 50th Anniversary Series with Free Comic Book Day’s #0 this Saturday with nearly 100,000 copies

The Red Sonja 50th anniversary celebration series launches this July, but fans can get a sneak peek at the new direction and creative team ahead of time with the issue #0 available on Free Comic Book Day this Saturday May 6!
Writer Torunn Grønbekk, artist Walter Geovani, colorist Omi Remalante Jr., and letterer Simon Bowland‘s grand new epic features a special prelude that will be available at no cost to customers from their closest comic book store.

This advance setup of the story shows how Red Sonja has found herself running from the law. The She-Devil With a Sword is seemingly caught red-handed, in the midst of a murder with blood on her hands. Of course, that isn’t quite what happened. But she’ll find herself fleeing and trying to figure out how to clear her name.

The issue also features a flashback to Red Sonja’s earliest years, with a reprint of “The Temple of Abomination” from Roy Thomas and Dick Giordano originally released as Marvel Feature #1 in 1975. Fans can enjoy the past and future of Sonja’s 50 fantastic years!

The Free Comic Book Day issue features a show-stopping, ultra-detailed, and action-packed cover by Nick Bradshaw. He is making a heralded return to the character here, after playing a role in kicking off the character’s series back in 2016. Bradshaw is also an important creative force in the overall evolution and history of Dynamite Entertainment. His big breakout was on Army of Darkness, in fact the very first comic book issue ever officially published by the company. Since then he’s received acclaim from fans and critics for his work on titles like Wolverine & the X-Men, Spidey, and a range of covers.

Dynamite has announced that orders of around 95,000 copies of Red Sonja #0 will be stocked by retailers.

Preview: Thor #33

Thor #33

(W) Torunn Gronbekk (A/CA) Nic Klein
Rated T+
In Shops: Apr 26, 2023
SRP: $3.99

All roads lead to… Doom! The time storm threatens all of existence past, present and future! While Doctor Doom hunts for Bor’s weapon, which will allow him to claim Latveria, Earth and the whole of the universe as his own, Thor and Jane Foster hunt for Doom – deep in the past. But what IS the weapon Bor created? And with Doom hell-bent on controlling free will itself, what does that spell for Thor’s sister Laussa, trapped in time between the present and the future?

Thor #33

Preview: Star Wars: Darth Vader – Black, White & Red #1

Star Wars: Darth Vader – Black, White & Red #1

(W) Jason Aaron, Peach Momoko, Torunn Gronbekk (A) Peach Momoko (CA) Alex Maleev
Rated T
In Shops: Apr 26, 2023
SRP: $4.99

Following the successful black, white and red series produced by Marvel Comics, DARTH VADER now takes the spotlight for tales of terror by some of the industries most talented creators!
PEACH MOMOKO will spin a story only she can bring to life!
PLUS, the return of JASON AARON to the world of STAR WARS with Part One of his Vader tale spanning all four issues!

Star Wars: Darth Vader - Black, White & Red #1

Dynamite reveals Red Sonja covers by Jenny Frison, Bryan Hitch, and Alan Quah

Dynamite has just announced the roaring return of Red Sonja, the She-Devil With a Sword, in an anticipated new 50th anniversary series starting this July by writer Torunn Grønbekk and artist Walter Geovani. The celebration is so big that the wide cast of heavy hitter artists attached to the project will be revealed in waves, to make sure the immense talent gets the spotlight they all deserve!

In addition to the announced covers for issue #1 by Shannon Maer, Jim Chung, and the legendary Mike Mignola, Dynamite has three more greats to reveal now! Jenny Frison, Bryan Hitch, and Alan Quah will all be contributing covers as well!

Red Sonja #1 arrives in July 2023.

Dynamite celebrates 50 years of Red Sonja with a new series

Red Sonja is roaring into a brand new ongoing series for the hallmark celebration of 50 fantastic years across comics, film, and beyond! The first issue will be on sale this July 19, coinciding with San Diego Comic Con.

Writer Torunn Grønbekk is bringing her trademark flair for powerful women and weapon-wielding heroes to the Hyrkanian heroine for an exciting new era. Initially working closely alongside Eisner-winning writer Jason Aaron on his iconic Thor and recent Punisher stories, Torunn has continued to excite fans as one of the most thrilling rising writers in comics. As fans head toward a hotly anticipated blockbuster film, this 50th anniversary series sets out to both celebrate the storied legacy of the character and launch a new era for the next 50 years and beyond!

Grønbekk is joined on the series by fan-favorite illustrator Walter Geovani. His contributions to the franchise go back to 2007, nearly to the beginning of Dynamite’s publishing of Sonja. Through collaborations and stories like Gail Simone’s lauded run, The Price of Blood, the Prophecy event, and crossovers with other legendary figures like Tarzan, Geovani has staked his claim as a definitive modern artist for the character. This combination of Grønbekk and Geovani, alongside colorist Omi Remalante Jr. and letterer Simon Bowland, will be the perfect creative team both for readers who have never checked out Red Sonja and for those who’ve been fans for decades!

The kickoff of the series finds Red Sonja on the run, framed for a heinous crime she did not commit and with an unseen force tugging at the back of her mind. Fans can expect mirth, violent delights, and hair-raising action. Yet even as Sonja deals with the terrors of war and mysterious magic, true danger will be threatening from the most unexpected sources. Big surprises await readers, as the creative team pays tribute to the golden anniversary legend, while challenging her and the audience’s expectations along the journey.

Beyond the gorgeous interior pages by Geovani and the team, the series will feature an ongoing onslaught of breathtaking variant covers from some of the true hall of famers in the industry as well as today’s brightest rising stars! For this initial announcement, Dynamite is revealing the jaw-dropping main cover by Shannon Maer, a piece by Jim Cheung, as well as industry icon Mike Mignola‘s masterpiece.

Fall of X sends Magik, Moonstar, and more on a cursed quest in Realm of X

Mutantkind has experienced unparalleled growth and prosperity on the island nation Krakoa – but can it really last forever? Following July’s X-Men: Hellfire Gala #1, mutantkind will enter a thrilling new era of uncertainty, danger, and mystery known as Fall of X! This new age won’t be limited to Earth as a small band of mutantkind’s fiercest warriors are sent on a mystical mission across the Ten Realms in Realm of X!

Written by Torunn Grønbekk and drawn by Diógenes Neves, Realm of X will continue the Krakoan Era’s fascinating exploration of mutant magic as a ragtag group of mutants become players in a mystical war orchestrated by a familiar adversary. This mysterious mastermind wants to manipulate mutantkind just as they’re at their lowest—but they’ve messed with the wrong ones! Can Magik, former Valkyrie Dani Moonstar, Marrow, Dust, Curse, and Typhoid Mary overcome their differences and rise as legendary heroes of the Ten Realms? Or will their mere presence escalate the conflict and warp mutantkind’s destiny forever?

Leaping straight from the astonishing events of this year’s Hellfire Gala, an unlikely group of mutants find themselves stranded in…Vanaheim? And whats even more confusing, the locals seem to believe that they hold the key to fulfilling a prophecy that can either raise the realm to riches – or cause it to fall to ruin. With Magik’s powers malfunctioning and a mysterious figure amassing power on the outskirts of the realm, these X-Men are going to going to have to band together if they want to stay alive long enough to find their way home!

See the team embark on their new mission on Stephanie HansRealm of X #1 cover below, and stay tuned next week for more Fall of X news! 

Realm of X #1

C2E2: The Summer of Symbiotes takes over with new announcements and reveals

At Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) 2023, Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski and Venom editor Devin Lewis, along with David Pepose, Sabir Pirzada, and Zeb Wells, revealed what’s next for Spidey and the twisted symbiotic family tree of the Marvel Universe!

Fans can now witness the full scope of Summer of Symbiotes, a season’s worth of symbiote sagas to celebrate Venom’s 35th anniversary! The insanity kicks off in May with titles like Cult of Carnage: Misery, Extreme Venomverse, Carnage Reigns, and more. Here’s just some of what was revealed about what’s in store for Venom, Carnage, Red Goblin, Misery, and the rest of the Venomverse all summer long!

CARNAGE SEEKS TO INHERIT THE EARTH in Web of Carnage, a new series by Ram V, Francesco Manna, and more. In the aftermath of Carnage Reigns where Cletus Kasady exacted his vengeance on Miles Morales and the Marvel Universe, the Carnage symbiote remains left to its own devices, adrift among the stars. With its purpose renewed, Carnage has scant few hurdles between it and a glorious ascension to the throne of the King in Black…and the first is named Morlun.

Alex Paknadel and Jan Bazaldua begin a new arc “Nature Vs. Nuture” in Red Goblin #6! Carnage Reigns may be over, but Normie Osborn and the Rascal symbiote’s problems are only just beginning! For weeks, Normie’s pacified the symbiote and managed to keep the rabid killing machine inside it under control. But in this issue, Normie learns that you can’t fight nature…

It’s a fight against MADNESS in Sabir Pirzada and Francesco Mortarino’s Cult of Carnage: Misery! The new symbiotic monstrosity called Madness inadvertently forced Liz Allan to bond to the all-new MISERY symbiote, changing both her life and the future of symbitoes! Imbued with all the powers and personalities of the LIFE FOUNDATION SYMBIOTES (and more!), Madness is a symbiotic force unlike any other in the Marvel Universe. There is nowhere that Liz Allan can go that Madness cannot follow, no one she can ask for help that Madness cannot destroy, and nothing she can do to stop the brutality of its onslaught. Fans can see Madness in all his glory on the cover of CULT OF CARNAGE: MISERY #4 and concept art by Francesco Mortarino!

Behold a radical transformation of Eddie Brock as Venom in Al Ewing and Ramon F. BachsVenom #22! For months, Eddie Brock’s consciousness has been displaced in time! You’ve seen what happens when he’s flung himself to the far future of the Marvel Universe – now see what happens when he tries to traverse its past! Face to face with the mysterious FLEXO in the past, Venom learns a shocking secret about the role symbiotes playing in Marvel history! 

Then, Torunn Grønbekk and Ken Lashley create a new vision of TOXIN in Venom#23! Toxin is the offspring of the most dangerous symbiote in the history of the Marvel Universe: CARNAGE. But while Carnage and Cletus Kasady are separated and both devising machinations and plans of cosmic bloodshed and conquest, what has its progeny been doing? And will Dylan Brock or the Venom symbiote survive when they come face to face with this latest terrifying Toxin?! And Toxin isn’t the only symbiote in this story who’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen! The symbiote family is about to grow a little larger… and what’s coming will change the continuing saga of the symbiotes FOREVER!

The Summer of Symbiotes will also infect Marvel Unlimited in the Edge of Venomverse Unlimited Infinity Comic series! A new Venom has been unleashed upon an unsuspecting world in this saga by writer Clay McLeod Chapman and an exciting lineup of artists including Phillip Sevy, Gustavo Duarte, Dax Gordine, and Nathan Stockman. On a freezing, snow-covered night a Holy Man comes to the aid of a mother and father terrified to kiss their little girl goodnight. Will he offer salvation or the ultimate destruction? The series drops on Marvel Unlimited on Tuesday, June 13 and J. Holtham will be writing alternating stories, beginning with a special 4th of July address from President Venom.

And finally, the capstone to Summer of Symbiotes and spinning out of Extreme Venomverse comes THE DEATH OF THE VENOMVERSE! Symbiote hotshots Cullen Bunn and Gerardo Sandoval are reuniting to bring the symbiotic ax down on the VENOMVERSE! Carnage has been building his powers up, extracting unique abilities from many villains throughout the Marvel Universe to the point of traversing the Multiverse with a singular goal: KILL ANY AND ALL VENOMS! The limited series will also include a classic tale in the vein of Venom: Lethal Protector by Venom co-creator David Michelinie. All five issues will release in August and will be packed with more symbiote shakeups than you can wrap your head around!

Check out the covers now and stay tuned for more Summer of Symbiotes news! 

Punisher: War Journal – Base #1 portrays the struggles veterans go through

Punisher: War Journal - Base

What most veterans don’t talk about is how hard coming home is. As we are trained to deal with what we have to when we are down range. It is all different  when we have to deal with no apparent treat. As we learn to understand how to adapt to normal life. It is different for each of us.

As I have friends who could separate the two and just hold whatever pain they have back from their loved ones.  Then there are those who just disconnect and they can never function again. Those are the ones who find normalcy debilitating. In this one, Punisher: War Journal – Base, we get to find out who Frank Castle was before he became the Punisher.

We find Frank and his wife, Maria going to couple’s therapy, years before he became the Punisher, as the therapist urges him to keep a journal, one where we see how impossible of transition it was for him to come back to normal life. As he tries his best to adjust to normal life he gets into scuffle with an abusive parent and during Halloween, have an argument with other parents, who have an opinion about war, but never served in the military. Then one night, everything changes, as he senses something wrong in at a house in his neighborhood, as he soon discovers a mobster’s house, with some sadistic individuals. By the issue’s end, an intended victim shows his wife, that the road to change would be long and winding.

Overall, Punisher: War Journal – Base is an excellent story that portrays the struggles veterans go through when they come home. The story by Grunbekk is relevant. The art by the creative team is gorgeous. Altogether, a story that shows why so many of us Veterans struggle.

Story: Torunn Grunbekk Art: Djibril Morisette-Phan
Color: Matt Milla Letterer: Cory Petit
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: Zeus ComicscomiXology/Kindle

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