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Review: Legion of X #1

Legion of X #1

With Krakoa being a nation, some law and order must exist for it to survive. A nation of individuals with often times immeasurable power could easily get out of hand and things do happen. Who will enforce that order? Enter Nightcrawler and his Legionnaires (yes, that’s used). Legion of X #1 kicks off a new focus on that aspect to Krakoa, who watches the… mutants. It’s a police procedural mixed with spandex for a start that’s full of potential.

Written by Si Spurrier, Legion of X #1 is a decent start. It introduces us to the “laws” and vision that Nightcrawler and Legion have. It also sets up around 4 or so different plotlines and cases for characters to enjoy. It also both narrows down the cast while keeping the possibilities open for an interesting rotation of characters.

It does all of that well and does so in a way that’s entertaining. There’s a nice mix of seriousness and humor that the comic never feels too heavy and weighted down. A murder suspect is balanced by a mutant whose power is that people forget who he is. That’s played out over and over to a point it becomes groan inducing and then becomes funny again. There’s also a lot of focus on Nightcrawler’s case which ropes in Arakko, and interesting situation for that new society to fall under the arm of the “law” of Krakoa.

And Arakko is what stands out about the comic. There’s levels of thought and detail into that society that feels like it hasn’t been discussed. There’s a clear division between the mutant nations and one looks down on the other, or is at least perceived to. This potential is huge. It’s been danced around in other comics but here, it’s front and center.

The art by Jan Bazaldua is solid. Federico Blee’s color stands out and Clayton Cowles provides the lettering. The comic bounces between the real world and Legion’s created one with two styles that are very different but work so well together. Blee’s colors really stand out in the astral world Legion has created. Bazaldua also packs in a lot of characters into the issue making it all feel very lived in and busy.

Legion of X #1 is an interesting start. It has a lot of potential and hopefully as it focuses in on each plotline things get more intriguing. It fills a niche that’s needed in the world of X and the conflict to come hinted at should keep things very interesting.

Story: Si Spurrier Art: Jan Bazaldua
Color: Federico Blee Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Story: 7.25 Art: 7.4 Overall: 7.35 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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