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Angels & Airwaves and Z2 Comics Announce a New Graphic Novel, Lifeform: Vivian

Z2 Comics has announced a collaboration with space rock pioneers Angels & Airwaves and creative studio Tension Division to present the psychedelic story inspired by AVA’s 2021 album, Lifeforms, to a new graphic novel—Lifeform: Vivian. Co-written by Helen Mullane and drawn by Amilcar Pinna with lettering courtesy Ed Dukeshire, the graphic novel will unspool the tale behind the mysterious woman seen on the cover of the band’s sixth studio LP as she wanders from the New Mexico desert into the life of a low-level government employee, Victor. The pair ignites a tentative romance as their world erupts in chaos, with secret agents following Vivian’s every move, as events erupt around the amnesiac woman that defy explanation. 

Z2 and Angels & Airwaves present Lifeform: Vivian in both softcover and hardcover formats, as well as oversized hardcover deluxe, and an oversized hardcover deluxe edition hand-signed by Tom DeLonge. Amilcar Pinna provides cover art with designs by Tension Division. Deluxe editions include an exclusive embroidered patch, dog tag, access badge, dossier with documents and photos, Lifeforms Mystery Box by Breakout Games, and gallery-ready prints courtesy Tension Division, Morgan Beem, and Amilcar Pinna, as well as a new vinyl release of Lifeforms. Pre-order yours today.