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Review: Wolverine #20

Wolverine #20

“Destiny of X” has begun as a wave of creators continue on what began years ago with the “relaunch” of the X-Men line. Wolverine #20 continues the previous series but provides a jumping on point. And, if you’re here for Wolverine, you might be disappointed. The issue feels more like the series Cable & Deadpool more than anything else as the Merc with the Mouth attempts to find his place in Krakoa.

Written by Benjamin Percy, the issue takes a lighthearted comedic vibe as Deadpool joins the series. The issue focuses a lot on the character as he recounts his attempts to join the Krakoan society and a place among the mutants. It’s full of the fourth wall crushing humor the character is known for and funny enough was the first time I realized Deadpool doesn’t currently have a solo series. I guess that shows how much I really care for the character. This isn’t the “insane” and deadly version we saw during his days on X-Force with Wolverine. This is full on comedy as Deadpool’s kinetic energy is played off the serious and grumpy nature of Wolverine.

For the most part, the team-up works… if you’re into it. I myself never really enjoyed this type of Deadpool and found large doses a turnoff for my reading. But, Percy almost finds the right balance here and brings the two characters together in a way that works. There’s an irritation oozing off of Wolverine that helps to swallow the slapstick nature of what he, and the reader, have to deal with.

The art by Adam Kubert is solid. The comic does a great balance between the serious and comedic elements. The art itself “breaks” the fourth wall of the pages as Deadpool takes us through his recent time and experiences. It plays off of Percy’s dialogue so well keeping a solid visual pace to match the rapid fire dialogue. Frank Martin and Dijjo Lima‘s colors work too as they, like Kubert, must balance the two elements within the issue. There’s a slight brightness in scenes featuring Deadpool’s rants compared to a slightly more dour look to Wolverine’s hunt. The lettering by Cory Petit is great and balances Deadpool’s large amount of dialogue with the visuals. The lettering too breaks a wall in many ways.

Your enjoyment of Wolverine #20 will really rely on what version of Deadpool you like and your preferred dosage. The issue balances things for me though is right up to the line. It also doesn’t quite feel like a “Wolverine issue” as opposed to a “Deadpool issue” or the start of some miniseries. Still, there’s a lot to like and the direction and hints as to what’s to come should be interesting. If nothing else, it’s a good starting point for those looking to dive into the series.

Story: Benjamin Percy Art: Adam Kubert
Color: Frank Martin, Dijjo Lima Letterer: Cory Petit
Story: 7.5 Art: 8.4 Overall: 7.75 Recommendation: Read

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