Review: We Live: Age of The Palladions – White #1

We Live: Age of The Palladions - White #1

The first volume of We Live is utterly brilliant. A story about a brother and sister’s trek to get off the planet was a tear jerker. I literal one. Each issue I found myself hit with emotions as these two adorable kids made their way against insurmountable odds. Then we got to the finale and were delivered a twist on a massive level I didn’t see coming at all. Add in amazing art and you had a series that was can’t miss. You can imagine how excited I was to dive into We Live: Age of The Palladions – White #1, the second volume and one half of the debut issues this week, along with “Black”. I’m happy to say both are a solid debut and the heart is still there.

Inaki Miranda and Roy Miranda are back to continue the adventure which goes from a tale of survival in a journey to just a tale of survival. The Palladions are now humanity’s last hope as the monsters have evolved and besieged the various metropolises which are protected by energy shields. The problem? The energy keeps getting cut which leads to some difficult decisions.

We Live: Age of The Palladions – White #1 focuses things more at the soldier level. The comic is a bit more from the average person’s perspective as opposed to the more superhero aspects of its “Black” counterpart. In this issue the focus is getting some food as we learn more of the hurdles everyone is running into. “White” feels more like a solid supplemental story to “Black”‘s main story. The two together tell a solid story that feels like a complete world.

But what made the first volume so good was the heart within. I’m not joking that each issue felt like a gut punch. This new volume keeps that going with a touching moment between Tala and Hototo. It’s the human side of a superhero tale.

Inaki Miranda provides the art with color by Eva De La Cruz and lettering by Dave Sharpe. The art looks fantastic as expected. Unlike “Black”, “White” is much more soldier on the ground. With that, we get to see more of the destroyed surroundings and the danger lurking. You can easily imagine this as a first person video game that’s full of detail and areas you want to explore. That says so much about the art and the terrific world that it conveys.

We Live: Age of The Palladions – White #1 has its bumps much like it’s companion release. Some of the story is a little choppy again with a focus on the needs and a world falling apart that the reader is thrown into. There’s a video game feel to it, like you’ve been dropped into a story and mission already in progress. But, it does a decent job of keeping things focused and narrowed down to the mission. How it all comes together should be interesting and something to be excited about.

Story: Inaki Miranda, Roy Miranda Art: Inaki Miranda
Color: Eva De La Cruz Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Story: 7.85 Art: 9.0 Overall: 8.15
Recommendation: Buy

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