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Preview: Fantastic Four: Anniversary Tribute #1

Fantastic Four: Anniversary Tribute #1

(W) Stan Lee, Jack Kirby (A) Aco, More (CA) Steve McNiven
In Shops: Nov 17, 2021
SRP: $6.99

Sixty years ago, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby made history and brought about the beginning of the Marvel Age of comics with the release of FANTASTIC FOUR #1. Now a bevy of Marvel’s finest creators pay tribute to that monumental moment by reinterpreting, page by page, the story from that inaugural release as well as FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #3, in which the entirety of the Marvel Universe attended the wedding of Reed Richards and Sue Storm! Whether these are stories you’ve never read before or tales that you’re intimately familiar with, this is the perfect way to experience them anew!

Fantastic Four: Anniversary Tribute #1
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