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Review: Venom #1

Venom #1

After an “epic” run, it’s always interesting to see the direction a new creative team takes a character and series. Venom has had a hell of a run these past few years putting the character front and center in events like “King in Black” and shaking up Eddie Brock’s life by introducing his son. It’s been a hell of a recent run for the character. So, what’s next? A new creative team plots the course and kicks things off with Venom #1, an issue packed with concepts and ideas that feel like a bit of a mix of so much of what we’ve seen.

Writers Al Ewing and Ram V. team up for Venom #1 and the result is a time-spanning adventure that shakes things up for Eddie and Dylan in so many ways. There’s so much packed in the issue feels like it’s almost too-much but balances a fine line that it doesn’t quite cross.

Eddie is now the new “King in Black”, controlling the symbiotes and guiding them to something. His new role has him disappearing for extended periods of time with his mind literally elsewhere… in space. That leaves Dylan on his own and getting into trouble in school as he’s basically home alone. Venom too is wandering around as Eddie must adjust to his new role and the symbiote is left on Earth to figure out what’s next. There’s also something ominous coming with dire warnings for Eddie and everyone he knows. It’s an epic story that spans time and space and feels much like the much heralded Hulk run Ewing recently completed. The concepts are grand, different, and build off what has come before while plotting a new direction. There’s ramifications of recent events mixed a bit with Venom’s time in space, and some teases of the generally forgettable “The End” series of one-shot comics.

Bryan Hitch handles the art with ink by Andrew Currie, color by Alex Sinclair, and lettering by Clayton Cowles. I’m not usually a fan of Hitch’s art but this debut issue stands out. Hitch brings his own style but at the same time keeps things a bit “classic” in a way too. The characters feel a bit like a mix of the previous art with Hitch’s work. The colors are great with a mix of eye-popping space and darker, more ominous moments on Earth. The lettering as well is key giving each symbiote more of a personality in a way. The art isn’t one that jumps out at you but there’s some solid moments that feel rather superhero heroic and others that really nail the tone of the story.

Venom #1 is an interesting start. There’s some grand concepts and ideas that could be interesting to see how they play out. What’s great is the issue does an excellent job of building off recent events while also charting its own path. It’s both solid for new readers and long time fans as well.

Story: Al Ewing, Ram V. Art: Bryan Hitch
Ink: Andrew Currie Color: Alex Sinclair Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Story: 8.15 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.1 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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