Review: The Thing #1

The Thing #1

The Thing #1 kicks off a new series that’s described as “sweeping.” And after reading the debut issue, it might be a bit too “sweeping.” The story has Ben Grimm embarking on a journey that has potential but doesn’t quite click for a first issue. It seems he’s having a bit of bad luck, he in fact might be cursed. That lands Grimm in trouble and a rift between himself and his love. We get the start of Ben’s journey, whatever that might be.

Written by Walter Mosley, The Thing # has a lot of potential but doesn’t quite get across exactly what it’s going for. There’s some interesting aspects, like what would Ben attempting to date be like and what a jail to hold him would be, but overall, the story has a choppiness about it. There isn’t a smooth narrative, instead it has its moments setting up what’s to come with the end result coming off more like a puzzle of which we’re missing some pieces.

A dark ominous figure overshadows the story. Who that is, isn’t really teased much. Why they’re doing what they’re doing isn’t as well. Instead, we just know there’s this enemy that’s manipulating events and making Ben have a really bad few days. It’s a setup but one that leaves a bit too much unanswered.

Tom Reilly‘s art is interesting. With color by Jordie Bellaire and lettering by Joe Sabino, it captures a sadness and frustration as far as what’s happening to Ben. There’s some scary moments that come off well and create enough of a visual tease to play off of the dialogue that only dangles further mysteries. The Thing looks great with a style about the comic that feels a bit like a riff on Jack Kirby.

The Thing #1 is an interesting start but not one that really excites. It has its moments and potential but there’s just too much that feels rather random or unexplained to really get the reader excited for what’s to come. There’s a clear threat but beyond being an annoyance, it doesn’t feel much like one. The Thing #1 might take the whole “thing” to heart a bit too much and feels like it leaves a lot of things hanging.

Story: Walter Mosley Art: Tom Reilly
Color: Jordie Bellaire Letterer: Joe Sabino
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.65 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

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