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Review: Mazebook #2

Mazebook #2

Mazebook‘s debut was an emotional ride of sadness and loss as a father continues to mourn the loss of his daughter a decade later. For anyone that has lost someone close to them, it’s a relatable read that is hard to not get emotional about in some way. Mazebook #2 continues that emotional journey as Will is convinced his daughter is speaking to him from beyond and urging him to come find her.

Melancholy is the best word to describe Jeff Lemire‘s series. But, it’s a sadness that has a beauty about it as well. Will is convinced his daughter is out there calling him so in the issue seeks out his ex-wife who still has some of the belongings of their child. It’s a meeting full of tension as Elena clearly has understandable issues with Will. It’s also a clear contrast between the two. While Will lingers in the past, Elena has moved on remarrying and having another child.

There’s a lot to ponder between these two characters. Will may be having a breakdown and imagining things. We’re witnessing the end of a slow slide over the past decade. Elena on the other hand has moved on creating a new life for herself. She is still hurting but has focused on a healthier way of handling things.

We’re left with the question as to what’s happening with Will? Is he really experiencing things or is it all in his imagination? Is this his way of grieving the loss of his daughter? It’s all an interesting read as we’re left guessing exactly what’s going on. Does the maze need to be solved and at the end is Will’s acceptance? There’s a lot of ways things can go.

What is an absolute is Jeff Lemire’s fantastic art. With Steve Wands on lettering, Lemire brings his unique style that mixes ink and watercolor like visuals for an almost dreamlike experience at time. The visuals are hauntingly beautiful full of sadness. The weariness of Will and the anger and sadness of Elena are present in every panel. These are characters who wear their emotional tolls on their face and Lemire makes sure that we are aware of every little detail.

Mazebook #2 is an interesting read. Where you are in your life might impact in how you approach the series. As a relatively new father, I read the series and think of it as my worst nightmare. Those who might have lost a child or those with no children are sure to experience it in another way. No matter how you approach it, it’s hard to deny Jeff Lemire is showing why he’s considered one of the current greats.

Story: Jeff Lemire Art: Jeff Lemire Letterer: Steve Wands
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

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