Review: Star Trek: The Mirror War #0

Star Trek: The Mirror War #0

In anepisode of Hollywood Masters, the Farrelly Brothers spoke at length about how the wrote characters and how they develop motive. It was quite compelling and offered an interesting way to examine characters as well as stories. The brothers also gave some insight about how gray fictional characters are, but also people in general. It’s the story the determines how certain characters respond. This doubly true when you talk about Star Trek and anything dealing with the Mirror Universe.

That’s what makes Star Trek so compelling. The show delivers so many motivations for characters and even the same character depending on which universe it takes place in. In Star Trek: The Mirror War #0, we catch up with the crew of Enterprise-D shortly after their defeat in the Prime Universe. And that defeat may spell their doom.

Star Trek: The Mirror War #0 opens up on the Enterprise-D crew as the away team is about to board an empty freighter. The crew believe the ship to be automated and easily cannibalized for supplies. What they soon realize is that they’ve fallen into a Cardassian trap barely escaping. It’s a solid opening full of action and makes you believe things can’t get any worse for the Enterprise and her crew. But, they’re called by to Earth to appear before the Emperor setting up an issue full of machinations, assassination attempts, and betrayal.

Overall, Star Trek: The Mirror War #0 is an excellent story set in the Mirror Universe. It’s a debut that’ll have Star Trek fans remember why that setting works so well for the series. The story by David Tipton and Scott Tipton is enthralling. The art by Carlos Nieto and DC Alonso is gorgeous. Altogether, Star Trek: The Mirror War #0 begins a story which ratchets up all the melodrama we have come to expect from these stories.

Story: David Tipton and Scott Tipton Art: Carlos Nieto
Color: DC Alonso Letterer: Neil Uyetake
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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