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Review: Mazebook #1

Mazebook #1

Haunting. That’s the best word to use to describe Jeff Lemire‘s Mazebook #1. It’s a sad, slightly depressing story that tugs and heart strings. William Warren has suffered the unthinkable, the loss of a child. Ten years gone and only with her 11 years, the story is a gut punch for anyone who has lost someone close to them too soon. As a parent, it’s my nightmare.

Mazebook #1 is depressing. Very depressing. And it’ll be a struggle for some to get through. But, it’s also hauntingly beautiful. Lemire takes us through the life of a man adrift. After the loss of his child, he goes through his daily routine. And routine is the key word. The days are the same with only some small details changed. And it’s those details that are important. Warren is losing them as he struggles to remember his daughter’s face and more and more about her. What he remembers is a ratty sweater she’d wear. And it’s strange, small details like that throughout the comic that are both sad and beautiful.

Warren spends his days in his routine with attempts from others to break him from it. He’s so focused on the past and trying to hold on to his memories that he’s ignoring the present and the new memories he can make. This is a man lost in his sadness and the emptiness that exists. It’s understandable and something so many can relate to.

Lemire’s art adds to the atmosphere of the comic with small hints and teases of what’s to come. A string from the sweater turns into a line that leads to something else. It’s Warren’s world blending together as he attempts to keep ahold of the past. Steve Wands‘ lettering adds to the melancholy of the story. There’s just the right size and placement to emphasize Warren’s state and a few emphasized moments to break him, and us, out of it.

Nearly everything Jeff Lemire releases is gold. Mazebook #1 is another amazing debut from the creator that’s sure to create buzz and wrack up award nominations. It’s sad. It’s beautiful. And, it’ll hit so many readers in the gut and take them on an emotional ride. This isn’t a “feel good” comic to read but it’s an amazing start to an adventure to come.

Story: Jeff Lemire Art: Jeff Lemire Letterer: Steve Wands
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Dark Horse provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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