Celebrate the Release of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings in Marvel Contest of Champions

To celebrate the release of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings film, the award-winning, mobile fighterMarvel Contest of Champions will be giving all new and current players a FREE 3-Star Shang-Chi. Players will be able to perform Wushu Strikes, harness the power of Chi and become the ultimate Kung Fu master! Make sure to log in before October 6th @17:00 UTC to claim your gift! 

In addition, Marvel Contest of Champions has created a special quest, Shang-Chi’s Close Quarters Challenge, themed to include hand-to-hand combat inspired by the brand-new movie. Play the quest between September 1st to October 6th to experience the action!

Here is a quick bio of Shang-Chi’s in-game story:

From a young age, Shang-Chi went through rigorous martial arts training with his father, Zheng Zu. After discovering he was being shaped into a lethal assassin, he instead took to Super Hero work. As the Master of Kung Fu, Shang-Chi has complete control over his inner energy, Chi. With a vast knowledge of Wushu fighting styles, Shang-Chi can wield a variety of weapons but he excels in bare-handed combat.