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The Man of Steel and Main Man Meet in Superman vs. Lobo #1. Get a First Look

Take two total opposites and have them meet in the DC Universe. Superman fights for truth, justice and the American way. He’s a symbol of the very best in us, a champion of the helpless and oppressed, and just an overall nice guy.

Lobo, to put it ridiculously mildly, is not.

Don’t expect hugs and handshakes when Superman and Lobo meet in Superman vs. Lobo. The DC Black Label series is from writers Tim Seeley and Sarah Beattie and art by Mirka Andolfo and Arif Prianto. With that creative combination expect laughs, fights, and lots of fragging.

Superman vs. Lobo finds the two mega-powered aliens on a collision course as they contend with a jealous, but popular extraterrestrial named Numen and a mysterious doctor intent on studying both of them. Will the Man of Steel and the Main Man destroy the universe fighting with each other, or will they somehow find a way to coexist?

As a DC Black Label series, Superman vs. Lobo is largely free from continuity and content restraints. That means Lobo can swear all he’d like and Superman can as well. Like classic Lobo comics, the miniseries is outrageous at times and plenty of fun.

Superman vs. Lobo #1 will be available in print and as a digital comic book on Tuesday, August 24.

Superman vs. Lobo #1 
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