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First Summoner Showdown Qualifiers Now LIVE in MARVEL Contest of Champions

After much anticipation from players across the globe, Kabam has announced the first Qualifier Round of Summoner Showdown is now live in the hit mobile game, MARVEL Contest of Champions! For those who remember Summoner Showdown in 2019 and 2020, The Battlerealm is back in search of the strongest and most skilled Summoner the world has to offer! 

Starting today, players will have fifteen days to compete in three Qualifier Rounds, fighting arduous bosses, and climbing to the top of their regional leaderboard. The nine best Summoners will make it to the Semi-Finals and Finals, pushing the limits of their skills and knowledge and compete to become the Ultimate Champion.

  • Gold / Silver / Bronze Difficulty
    • The Gold difficulty is meant for the toughest Summoners, meaning they must be Level 60 and Thronebreaker in-game (i.e. completed Act 6 Chapter 4 “Succession”, and Ranked Up 1x 6-Star Champion to Rank 3). To give our Summoners as much equal opportunity as possible, they can only use 5-Star Champions available on their roster to fight the Bosses. Upon the completion of each Qualifier, potential winners will be contacted to move on to the Semi-Finals. One Summoner from each region (Americas, Europe & Russia, Asia & Oceania) will be selected for the Semi-Finals each Qualifier Week.
    • If you’re not ready to compete for Gold, feel free to try the Silver and Bronze Difficulties, which are open to all Summoners, no matter their progression or level! These difficulties will be toned down challenges against the same fearsome Bosses. They’ll be able to use a team of five Champions with the ability to use boosts and consumables in order to defeat their opponent!
  • Qualifier Dates
  • Qualifier 1: Monday August 16 @10AM PT – Saturday August 21 @10AM PT – Nameless King Groot
  • Qualifier 2: Saturday August 21 @10AM PT – Thursday August 26 @10AM PT – Nameless Scarlet Witch (Classic)
  • Qualifier 3: Thursday August 26 @10AM PT – Tuesday August 31 @10AM PT – Nameless Hyperion

Details on the Summoner Showdown can be found at the following blog post here

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