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King Spawn Gets Nearly 500,000 Pre-Orders

King Spawn

Image Comics has announced that the upcoming launch of Todd McFarlane’s new monthly comic book, King Spawn #1, has shattered sales records. With just under a half-million pre-orders by comic stores retailers, this marks the single largest new superhero monthly title launch in the comic book industry in the past 25 years based on the standard sales formula of the comic book industry (non-returnable, non-retailer exclusive sales).

The debut issue currently stands at pre-orders of 497,000 copies.

The Spawn character was first introduced in 1992, with the release of Spawn #1, to a record of 1.7 million copies that still stands today as the highest selling, creator-owned comic issue of all time. Published by Image Comics, the Spawn character also set a record as the longest running, creator-owned comic on the planet when issue #301 was published in 2019.

McFarlane has announced his plans to once again expand the Spawn range in a new “shared universe”. The initial step in that plan was Spawn’s Universe #1 which was released in June to the largest sales from Image since 1998. The first issue of King Spawn beat that number by two and a half times.

King Spawn #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, August 25:

  • King Spawn #1 Cover A by Puppeteer Lee – Diamond Code JUN210027
  • King Spawn #1 Cover B by McFarlane – Diamond Code JUN210028
  • King Spawn #1 Cover C by David Finch – Diamond Code JUN210029
  • King Spawn #1 Cover D by Sean Gordon Murphy – Diamond Code JUN210030
  • King Spawn #1 Cover E by Greg Capullo – Diamond Code MAY218952
  • King Spawn #1 Cover F by Brett Booth – Diamond Code MAY218953
  • King Spawn #1 Cover G by Donny Cates – Diamond Code JUN218205
  • King Spawn #1 Cover H 1:50 copy incentive Raw by Capullo – Diamond Code JUN218206
  • King Spawn #1 Cover I signed 1:250 copy incentive by McFarlane – Diamond Code JUN218207
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