Review: Amazing Fantasy #1

Amazing Fantasy #1

There’s a fine tradition of fantasy in comics going back decades. Amazing Fantasy is one of those series originally published by Marvel in the early 1960s. That run is mostly known for the launch of Spider-Man who would go on to become a billion-dollar franchise. The original series featured a who’s who of creators delivering quirky fantasy tales that featured twist endings. There have been attempts to revive the series in different ways but now we get a release in Amazing Fantasy #1 that feels like it blends those odd tales with modern superheroes.

Kaare Andrews handles both the writing and art duties for the issue and delivers a hell of a start. Three heroes from different eras are brought together to a strange world. Captain America from World War II, a young Black Widow from the Red Room, and an early Spider-Man are all transported to this fantasy world filled with tribes and monsters. It’s a simple concept, so far, and solid premise that mixes classic monster stories with modern superheroes.

Andrews delivers. Joined by Joe Sabino on lettering the comic feels like a mix of old and new with Andrews nailing down the speech patterns for each character and yet they still feel like they belong in this classic fantasy world. Andrews brings a mix of styles in the art that’s beyond impressive.

Each character originates from a different era and with each introduction Andrews delivers a different style creating a comic that features four very distinct looks from the same creator. It’s impressive, really impressive and something that’ll hook readers. Add in the art is just beautiful, combined with entertaining writing this is a debut that’s beyond a winner.

Amazing Fantasy #1 is absolutely fantastic. The art is great. The story is entertaining and fun. It sets up a story that honors the pulp roots it comes from. This is a comic to pick up, relax, and just enjoy these summer months.

Story: Kaare Andrews Art: Kaare Andrews Letterer: Joe Sabino
Story: 9.0 Art: 10 Overall: 9.25 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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