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Review: Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #1

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #1

A new Supergirl comic in the current “age” of DC is full of potential. With the changes concerning the rest of the Superman line of characters, Supergirl is primed for the spotlight and an opportunity to stand out. Compared to Superman’s unflinching stance for good and Jonathan Kent’s needing to learn, there’s space for a hero who bridges the gap between the two and shows it’s not a boys club. But, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #1 is an unexpected detour from that potential. Instead, we get Supergirl channeling drunk Superman from Superman III and it works, just not as a Supergirl story.

Written by Tom King, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #1 isn’t a bad start. It just doesn’t feel like a Supergirl story. Off on an alien planet to support her birthday she comes across a young girl who wants revenge against the man who killed her father. Drunkenly, Supergirl rejects the plea and is later forced into the situation. With a red sun on the planet, this is a weakened Supergirl lacking much of what makes her super. There’s an interesting concept there and potential but as the opening story for the next great chapter, it doesn’t feel all that super. It’s rather dark and everyone comes off as a dick.

The idea of Supergirl fighting on a medieval-ish planet without her powers sounds interesting. It forces the character to use more than her flight and strength, and other abilities, to get things done. That’s present and is the more interesting aspect of the issue. There’s also Supergirl drunk and hungover which itself also has potential. She comes off as a little… well, a drunk I don’t want to be around. She’s not likeable and the most likeable character, Krypto, isn’t given much to do beyond adding drama to the mix.

The art by Bilquis Evely is solid. The alien world has an interesting look to it and Supergirl too looks fantastic as her messed up self. But, the opportunity to really deliver something strange and different is lost at times. It looks really good but there’s just a level of detail that it never quite reaches. It’s a world that kind of feels empty for some reason. The color by Matheus Lopes and lettering Clayton Cowles helps bring together the comic and again, it looks really good but it never quite amazes.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #1 is an interesting comic. It’d be fine as a miniseries on top of an ongoing. It’d be fine as an arc in an ongoing. But, as the first issue to establish the character, it kind of fails. Supergirl comes off as an ass here. She’s not a hero I want to be around but instead a female Guy Gardner. There’s little super in this Supergirl unless the creators were going for super-asshole.

Story: Tom King Art: Bilquis Evely
Color: Matheus Lopes Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Story: 6.8 Art: 7.6 Overall: 6.95 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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