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Preview: Supergirl #40

Supergirl #40

(W) Jody Houser (A) Rachael Stott (CA) Kevin Maguire
In Shops: Mar 25, 2020
SRP: $3.99

Supergirl is out of control! Having fully succumbed to the Batman Who Laughs’ deadly infection, she has left her boundaries behind and is flexing her power to the world. Is even Wonder Woman a match for a Kryptonian fully unleashed? The hope is that the true Kara Zor-El is still inside this rampaging monster, and that she’ll come to her senses. But even if she does, will she ever be the same? The consequences of the Dark Multiverse infection could change Supergirl forever…and not for the better! Don’t miss this do-or-die conclusion to the “The Infected”!

Supergirl #40

Review: Supergirl S5E12 – “Back From the Future-Part Two”

After a brief hiatus, Supergirl is back with the second part of the “Back From the Future” storyline. Karaoke night gets ruined but, not before an adorable duet version of Africa by Toto. Brainy is still dealing with the ongoing ramifications of working in secret with Lex, whose anti-Kryptonian tech is rendering Supergirl useless in the fight to save the team and Brainy is starting to question their partnership. Evil Wynn has figured out a way to upload himself into the Matrix and is turning the DEO’s weapons on them in an attempt to take over everything and it’s a Winn vs. Winn showdown, may the best hacker win! (Yeah, I did that…)

WHAT WORKED: The story that played out in this episode was well written, thoughtful, and true to the movement towards a darker DC that the CW has been taking its shows. I liked that there were so many areas of gray in the way things played out throughout a very intense hour. I also loved the switch up for Winn from being Computer Lad to Toyman in honor of his father, it showed the complexity of familial relationship, escaping toxic chains that hold you back and growing from/separating from the things past trauma that can hold you back.


BEST MOMENT: Winn coming face to face with his father in the DEO’s matrix. Watching his father give him the closure that he needed and allowing him to heal from old wounds. I like that he struggled with the choice of killing evil Winn knowing that it would kill his father, especially since he was willing to fight evil Winn to give him more time to enter a code that he knew would kill him as well as evil Winn. It was to see a realistic portrayal of the complexities of toxic familial relationships.

AFTERTHOUGHTS: Lena is making a breakthrough with her tech to defeat Leviathan which would be cool accept her and Lex are in way over their heads and it’ll be interesting to see how the double double double-cross in play will play out.

I’m also mildly concerned about Brainy’s resolve in working for Lex now that Alex is gone with J’onn and if he’s realized that alternate universes can mean that what the other Brainy did might not work in this one.

Overall: 8.7

Preview: Supergirl #39

Supergirl #39

(W) Jody Houser (A) Rachael Stott (CA) Kevin Maguire
In Shops: Feb 12, 2020
SRP: $3.99

After the Lasso of Truth reveals something unexpected about Supergirl’s infection, Wonder Woman is quickly running out of ways to try to bring Kara back peacefully. Making matters worse, the government has sent robotic military backup to Smallville to deal with the possible atomic threat of Infected Supergirl-and neither Wonder Woman nor Supergirl is prepared for the innocent casualties this could mean for the town.

Supergirl #39

Review: Supergirl “Back From the Future – Part One” S5E11


After his secret meet-up with Lex in Episode 10, Brainiac breaks alt-universe Toyman out of prison and brings him to Lex, who tries to lure him to the darker but “good” side. The ladies try and cheer Nia up from her untimely breakup with Brainy as they all question what could have prompted his sudden change of heart. Lex lets Lena in on Brainiac’s involvement in their new save the world plan and at the ToyCon, Toyman takes a shot at his dad’s nemesis when Winn returns in a spacecraft and diverts the bullet and save his future.


WHAT WORKED: In a show based on fantasy, the motivation behind the character’s actions were written, acted and directed in such a way that it was believable. Brainy is coming to realize that he made a deal with the devil and while logic might be a good thing to use, it doesn’t always account for human error. Winn getting all supersuited up and trying to catch the alta-verse Toyman version of him to save his future and keep his family in the future safe. Lex is still a scorpion and kind of self-centered, he breaks the Toyman out to coax future Winn back in time so that he can steal info from his ship, which would have worked but he forgot no one trusts Lex and they moved the ship leaving Brainiac to find a way to catch Toyman and get the info without letting his “team” know what he’s been up to. What worked in this episode was the human nature and realistic take on the trust and fallibility of humans.



“You promise me no one will get hurt.” – Lena to Brainiac & Lex

“I promise you no one will be harmed” – Brainiac to Lena

Which is ominous as f*** and with Brainy now running only on logic, that could mean a number of things and I’m not sure all of them are good.


BEST MOMENT: It was more a collection of moments where our boy Winn, who has been super missed, gets to reconnect with his old friends and get a rundown of the multiverse. Seeing the adorbs joy on his face when he gets that “Papa Bear” hug from J’onn J’onzz filled me with the warm and fuzzies.


EPISODE MVP: Nia. She has a lot to deal with following the out of the blue Brainiac breakup. She is dealing with some next-level emotional stuff and questioning her powers and place because of her trying to deal with the breakup. She gets next level gaslight by herself and to some extent Brainiac, who knew that her dream was about him betraying them but, was left to believe that it was about the breakup and when the tiger was with Brainy, she still didn’t put it together especially when Brainy said that Tigers were the Winslow College mascots and where they could find Toyman. What makes Nia the MVP in this episode isn’t her being on her game 100% of the time, what makes her the MVP is that she wasn’t and she dealt with it and when it was time to get her head in the game and fight, she did and she found a space to process her feelings so that she could continue on. Being strong enough to have feelings, be hurt, keep going, grow and be still kick ass against bad guys makes her the MVP because she showed that it’s okay to not be okay all the time.

Overall: 8.4

Review/Recap: Supergirl – The Bottle Episode S5E10


The official midseason premiere of Supergirl picks up after the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Kara is disgusted with Lex and her being known worldwide as collaborators and she wants to come clean with Lena upfront this time so that their friendship can be open and honest but, she doesn’t know that Lena escaped the Crisis with her memory untouched. While Lex tries to bring Lena into the fold she and her unwiped mind let him in on the fact that no one seems to remember the Leviathan is still out there. Brainiac 5 meets another Brainiac 5 in what appears to be an side effect of the Crisis and in attempting to bring the alterna Brainiac to Alex at the DEO, he finds himself in a room full of Brainiac 5’s including a female one who is head of the DEO.


Kara’s attempt to come clean to Lena is met with exactly the opposition you’d expect but, ever the Paragon of Hope, Supergirl still believes that she can get their friendship back and they can work together to save the world. Back at the DEO someone is wiping out the Brainiacs with a biosynthetic virus and the Brainiacs have all converged on Earth-Prime and Brainiac Prime lets them all know that all the multiverses are dead. Lex summons Supergirl and Alex to his office to make his version of a peace pact and give each other an update on where all of Earth Prime’s threats stand.


Meanwhile, at Al’s Bar the Brainiac’s learn that all of Al’s Bar was a wormhole site and when the universes merged all of the people in Al’s Bar’s across the multiverse were transported to Earth-Prime. We also find out that Lex’s mom is back too and since Lena is on the loose looking for a partner so she goes to mommy dearest who tells her to chose Lex over Kara because she will never trust Lex, so he can never hurt her. Alex is having a big problem, understandably, about working for Lex and goes to J’onn J’onzz for help who tells her to follow her heart and do what she thinks is right even if it’s “wrong”. The female Braniac 5 is up to something and at first glance appears to be working for the Leviathan, or at least very interested in what is going on with them. She finds Brainiac 5  to find out what’s going on with him and learns about his personality inhibitors and attempts to change him. Lady Brainiac (Kor-El) attempts to get him to reconnect to the big brain while one of the other Brainiac’s is visited by Nia who catches him holding on to a bottle that contains the 7 billion souls that he has contained to save them and wants to open his universe in Prime. Nia alerts Brainiac Prime, and Supergirl about what is going on and they come to her aid but Earth Bottling Brainiac is already on the move, and he’s the one who is killing the Brainiac’s who try and stop him.


The bottling Brainy wants to open his world but, doing so would destroy both worlds and while the Brainy collective, Supergirl and Alex think that they have more time because the only saber using Argonium 44 that he can use to open it has been destroyed. Andrea Roja’s mentor is trying to convince her to extend her Obsidian tech idea to basically, turn everyone into the people sent off-world in Wall-E. Brainiac Prime is reliving some painful childhood memories that explain how he came to possess his three-dot inhibitors and how he is unable to take them off because he fears that he may have evil within him. While having their heart to heart with Supergirl they realize that the witches who released reign in “our” world but, who are benign in ours after the Big Al’s Wormhole Merge Bar Party are capable of opening the bottle and that’s Bottle Brainiacs only play.


Nia, Supergirl and Brainiac Prime show up at the bar in time to catch the Bottle Brainy and his new collection of helpful witches about to open the bottle. During what can only be described as the a campily beautiful bar fight to N’Sync’s “It’s Gonna Be Me,” Brainiac Prime finds himself unable to win against Bottle Brainy with Nia’s encouragement and love he decides to take off the inhibitors, allowing him to connect with Bottle Brainy and together they stop him from opening the bottle. One of the witches comes to her senses and decides that it is better for them all to wait for a solution to everyone’s new world problems and trust Brainiac Prime and his friends. Prime then encases the witches and Bottle Brainy in his universe bottle in an act of mercy and compassion until they can safely release them home.


The remaining two Brainiacs decide to go back into the Big Brain since they aren’t needed on this planet. Lady Kor-El stays behind a bit to warn Brainiac Prime that he needs to abandon his friends and Nia and work with Lex Luthor if he is to save the last remaining world. She knows this because fighting Lex is what took her world down the road to ruin and Brainiac prime is now stuck with secret information that will undoubtedly have effects that ripple throughout the remainder of this season. Lex and Lena agree to join forces after they state their terms while Lex is bound with truth manacles which are bound to make things awkward for Supergirl and the rest of the DOE team. Brainiac breaks up with Nia and all of our hearts break because while we know why he’s doing it, it doesn’t make it sting less, especially when we’re sure that there has to be another way. While the rest of the team prepares to stand against Lex, Brainiac Prime offers Lex his services and they head off to collect The Toymaker (our boy Wynn is back) who came through the wormhole and was arrested ( a nice callback to the toy monkey they found in the lost & found box at Al’s).

Overall, Episode 10 was the only logical way to show the ripples of the merge and the overreaching effects that the events of Crisis caused. While our heroes remain mostly OK, even Lex got to keep the people that he “loved”, other planets and people were not so lucky and while they may not know what they are missing there is still a hole. As a stand-alone episode in what I’m sure will be a multi-layered storyline with a lot of intricate moving pieces, this was a nice part of the puzzle. I am a huge fan of this new, all-inclusive, dark direction that Supergirl (and the DC shows on the CW) have taken and if this is what a post-Crisis Prime looks like, I’m here for it.

Overall: 8.7

Recap/Review: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 5 – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Just when you think you’re out, DC on the CW pulls you back in. In the Crisis Crossover finale it’s the fall out from the repercussions of what has happened.

Kara wakes up in her own bed feeling relaxed at least until Dazzler tells her to get to work. Kara rushes down just in time to see Lex Luthor getting a Nobel Peace Prize and unfortunately she’s the only person who remembers, at least until she bumps into J’onn at work. It seems like only the Paragons remember what happened and know that all of the Earth’s have been merged thanks to Oliver’s ultimate sacrifice.


In Central City a couple of utility workers discover a passed out Nash (a Pariah depending on how things went down) and in Star City, Sara is having a bunch of meshed memories, on her way to meet Roy. J’onn J’onzz shows up to fill Sara in and mind-meld with Ray to catch him up as he has done with every other DC superhero and their teams in this combined Prime Earth. Once everyone is gathered and celebrating being in the same universe as all of their super friends, old and new, they discover that Oliver didn’t survive the battle with the Anti-Monitor and they all have to grieve his loss a second time.


After fighting off some rogue Shadow Monsters the not dead Anti-Monitor is forced into a perpetually shrinking state of existence ending that threat, for now. The episode ends with a memorial funeral for Oliver in the Hall of Justice with Batwoman, Flash, Sara, Black Lightning, Atom, Supergirl, and Superman and now that they have a cohesive universe in Prime Earth the beginning of the Super Friends with a seat reserved for their fallen savior and friend, the Green Arrow. We also see an empty cage and a banana, which means we might get to see the Wonder Twins and him at some point on any of the shows. We also see that there still might be other Earths that include Stargirl, a nice tie in for her upcoming CW/DC Universe show.

Overall this episode was pure fire, it’s a fun romp through memory lane and filled us with hope for the DC Universe on the CW as well as one cohesive universe where all of our faves can join forces at any time. I binge-watched all five episodes in order and, in my honest opinion, I felt like it was more of a movie. More so than anything that DC has put on the big screen. It was beautifully acted, wonderfully acted, and directed with such a cohesive, brilliant eye that I forgot to make dinner or use the bathroom because I couldn’t take my eyes off of the screen. The episode left an open door for some amazing one-off crossovers and made me genuinely excited for shows like Arrow and Flash, that I haven’t watched them since the first season.


The five arc crossover was the hard reset that the CW and DC needed to bring back old fans into the fold, engage new fans and possibly up the numbers on some of the shows that may have had some ratings issues.

The arc gave those of us who only watch one or two of the CW’s offerings a chance to get to know what else the CW offers and get us invested in all of the shows. As someone who checked out on a few of the CW shows, I have a newfound interest in some of the characters and a desire to hit the CW app on my Apple TV to play catch up so I can become a regular viewer of all of their DC shows across the board.


This season premiere was a fitting return for my DC/CW Bae, Legends of Tomorrow and was so well written that I forgot about all of the things that I was excited about while I awaited their return. It tied up all the loose ends that the previous Crisis episodes left open and established a new world full of exciting possibilities. Crisis was an emotional roller coaster filled with love and loss, hope, and passion and it’s worth a five-hour binge watch on the CW app because, in my opinion, that enhances the amazing experience. The “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover made a true believer in the DC/CW franchise and I can’t wait to see more.

Overall Rating: 9.7

Recap: Crisis on Infinite Earths 4 – Arrow

After a long hiatus for the holidays, “Crisis on Infinite Earths” picks up on Planet Maltus Ten Thousand Years Ago where we meet the Monitor and his wife as he prepares for a temporal jump trial. We learn a bit of backstory about how he’s just a time traveler and she is the Monitor. He lands in the temporal zone at the dawn of time but his presence releases radiation and corrupts the zone. His time jump breached the wall and he ends up in the Anti-Universe and discovers the Anti-him, realizing his mistake he recognizes humanity’s doom.

In the “present” a bearded Ryan, Sara the Paragon of Destiny, J’onn J’onzz the Paragon of Honor, and the rest of the paragons along with the never supposed to be there Lex try to stay alive and save the multiverse while Barry, the paragon of love is MIA. Everyone has lost the virtue they were supposed to bring back and it seems like all hope is lost. The machine Lex and Ryan have been working on doesn’t seem to work and Barry returns after trying to find a way out. Even the Speed Force was useless and there is no way out.


In Purgatory on Earth 666, Oliver is getting some guru training to prepare him for the ultimate fight against the Anti-Monitor and he’s finally ready to join his friends, which might be perfect timing because the rest of the team is getting ready to rip each other apart when he shows up and announces that the Speed Force is the only way out. But, since Oliver is dead and his soul didn’t join his body in the Lazarus Pit, it’s more of a Spectre Oliver. Since the multiverse is gone, and only the anti-multiverse remains, Barry lets SO unlock his full potential to use the Speed Force to run the Paragons (Kara, Lex and Ryan) to the point where the Novu and Mar created the Anti-Monitor.

While Flash runs through the Speed Force, Anti-Monitor attacks and SO pieces himself together with memories and tells Barry that he has to catch the remaining Paragons and SO like Pokemon and bring them together or else they will fall into the anti-matter universe and be no more. While Barry runs he bumps into the DC Movie version of The Flash (aka my favorite Flash)  and their conversation leads to movie Flash disappearing into the Speed Force. Back in the forest, Lex returns and knocks outs, Kara and Ryan, with the upgrades he got when he rewrote parts of the Book of Destiny.

Back in the Speed Force loop, Kate watches while Atom gives SO a speech about what Star City is up against and J’onn shows up as Kara and Oliver talk about keeping normalcy in their lives. Ryan and Supergirl awaken and Ryan questions his place in the whole Paragon community and Supergirl reminds him that he left humanity because he was needed. Barry finds himself in OG Oliver and Earth 38 Superman and the previous Crisis but, SO remembers and tells him that he chose to die to save him and Kara during the last Crisis and go-round with the Book of Destiny.  Flash then finds John and Sara’s sister after Sara died while Lex interrupts Nuva before he engages the quantum portal.

Lex tells the Monitor what will happen if he goes through with his plans and tries to convince him to join him, in exchange for the powers that Monitor will have so that he can use them to take down the supers. J’onn tells SO and Kara that they will become the best of friends as Kate tells SO and Atom that they will eventually trust each other which hopefully keeps them all connected enough for Barry to capture all of his Paragon-mons. Ryan and Kara show up before Monitor (Novu) and Lex make a devil’s bargain and Ryan leads Monitor away taking him to his wife where he explains to him the cost of what happens if he goes through with his plan.

Lex and Supergirl fight it out with Lex’s upgrades making him an almost even match and Ryan comes in to tell them that he got through to Novu, which would be good news, except when Flash arrives to bring them back to the rest of the Paragons, they discover that while they succeeded in one universe the other multiverses Novu’s chose to become ambition over what is right. While they settle into their inevitable defeat, SO informs them that their true mission was to hold the line while the universe is reborn at the dawn of time and that he is to be the spark that lights the flame. While the Paragon kick some Shadow Monster a** , SO has a little talk with Anti-Monitor who is serving up his best dark Thanos energy but, SO who’s enlightened and about that life, pulls the hood off of his head like Eminem in 8 mile right before his final rap and prepares to does to Anti-Monitor exactly what you’d expect a hero to do. With the Anti-Monitor and his shadow army erased, the Paragons then come together and focus on their virtues while using the last page of the book of destiny and as Sara and the Flash stand over a dying, again, Oliver they watch the start of a new beginning of the multiverse.

Recap: Crisis on Infinite Earths 3 – The Flash

Do you remember the old Birds of Prey TV show? Because I do and Crisis Part 3 starts off with Huntress running towards the tower on Earth 203 in New Gotham before taking us back to the ship of heroes on Earth 1. There we see a pretty exasperated team licking its wounds and trying to figure out what’s coming next. Monitor is not really good at pep talks but, he is really good at leaving out huge pieces of the puzzle for his version of the greater good.

Oliver’s bodyguard and friend John, is in a meeting with Sara to determine how to best bring back Oliver and rescue his wife Lila from the Anti-Monitor. He lets the assembled team of heroes in on the Anti-Monitor’s plan to replace all of the universes with one that he can control. He sends Cisco off to serve his higher purpose with his powers returned and Barry sets off with him and Killer Frost to find Choi but, they end up meeting Pariah aka Not Nash who is there to bear witness, which is never a good thing.

FLA609a_0424rb (1)

Pariah tries to help his former friends but, he laments that he is now Anti-Monitor’s puppet but, Cisco is able to vibe with him to find a way in. Kara and Kate give Lex a beat down to get the instructions on using the Book of Destiny. On Earth 666 in LA, Mia, Constantine, and John go meet an old friend and we get treated to another kick-ass cameo from Lucifer himself as Lucifer to get a ticket to Purgatory to grab Oliver’s soul and with a flick of the wrist, away they go. While Mia, John, and Constantine try and work their way through Purgatory to find Oliver’s soul, Pariah, Frost, and Cisco gain access to the source of the wave and discover that the source of the wave is the Flash from Earth 90  (aka the OG OG pre-CW Flash) who is being kept on a treadmill and being used to power the anti-matter canon.


Cisco uses his powers to get Earth 90 Flash off of the treadmill but, that is a huge mistake because Anti-Monitor built in a fail-safe where if he gets off the treadmill it’ll destroy all remaining Earths at once. While they try and find a way out of this universe ending catch 22, Pariah shows up with Black Lightning and informs him that his family is gone because his earth has been destroyed. He agrees to help by trying to contain the cannon’s energy to save the remaining Earths. After a heart to heart with Earth 90’s Flash, he realizes what the Monitor meant about him vanishing in Crisis. The two Flashes agree to run for their lives and reverse the cannons pull.


On Earth 1 in Ivy Town Elongated Man, Atom, Iris and meet another paragon, of humanity, played by Ryan Choi (Kevin Tran from Supernatural). Back on the ship Monitor has a heart to heart with Lois that is makes him more human but, that moment is short-lived as Atom/Clark shows up distraught after a failed mission, before heading back out to try again. Kara and Batwoman almost come to blows when Kara won’t give up on trying to use the Book to fix things and Kara agrees to stand down, for now, not knowing that Batwoman is holding a kryptonite trump card in case she gets out of line.


Back in purgatory Oliver is running around like a feral assassin and attacks Constantine until John talks him down and they bro-hug it out. In Ivy Town, Iris gets through to Ryan by talking it out parent to parent (relaying the message her Flash gave to her before he went to the alternate Earth) and he agrees to come along. With six Earths gone and only one in the present time remaining things are looking even more grim than when the Crisis began. Meanwhile, as our Barry says goodbye to his friends, prepared for the end Flash 90 steals his speed and tells him that Monitor said Flash had to die but, he never said which one. Despite Barry’s objections, Cisco lets Flash 90 do what he needs to do in order to save the world.


In Earth 666 Corrigan shows up and tells Oliver he needs to come with him to save all worlds, much to Mia and John’s heartbreak and they return to the ship on Earth 1 and share their war stories of lost worlds, lost loves and almost all hope. Black Lightning and the Flash have a heart to heart about losing a father and having to do better for their children while quoting Dylan Thomas and telling each other their non-superhero monikers. Batwoman tracks down Kara and decides to give the Kryptonite back to Kara but, she tells her to keep it because she has the courage to believe she won’t need to use it. Iris and Flash are reunited when they bring Choi back to the ship and they somehow bring Harbinger back to the ship but, she has no memory of what happened.


We all know how this kind of thing goes, Barry and Atom Superman put together that if Pariah was allowed to return to the ship with them then something bad is going to happen and of course it does, Harbinger proceeds to give John a beat down during their tender embrace and with glowy white eyes she announces in Anti-Monitor’s voice that it is time for the Age of Heroes to end. Monitor goes to battle with Anti-Monitor in Harbinger’s body and steals his soul giving him the power to take Earth 1 with the ship being all that remains of humanity. With 29 seconds before the anti-matter wave hits the ship Pariah sends the paragons away from the ship to the Vanishing Point and everyone else accepts their fate with a boom, knowing their fate is in good hands. Superman goes down in a fiery blast being replaced with Lex Luthor who wrote himself into the Book of Destiny.

Recap: Crisis on Infinite Earths 2 – Batwoman


When we last saw our band of heroes, it was on some pretty depressing terms and, in keeping the mood we next see Batwoman, Kara, and Sara sharing shots in Oliver’s memory in Central City. The ladies lament over what the next steps should be just in time for Harbinger to show up as the Monitor is explaining to Atom that they’re going to need the Waverunner, more specifically his lab to save the multiverse. Harbinger lets them know they don’t need to fight because there are loads of Waverunners across loads of multiverses and she heads to Earth 74 where she meets their Rory, who is enjoying his solace and trying to get his writer on. She convinces Rory to join the fight, by offering him all the beer he can drink and of course, he’s all in.

While the Monitor explains the concept of Paragons and tells Barry that he found he has a once thought destroyed, but taken from the timeline after Oliver’s death, copy of the Book of Destiny. The seven paragons are plan B, in case all else fails and he only knows where to find four out of the seven. He names Kara, the paragon of hope, Sara, the paragon of destiny,  a second Kryptonian, the paragon of truth,  and Bat of the Future, the paragon of courage. He sends Batwoman on a quest to find the Dark Knight in Earth 99 so that she can become the paragon she is meant to be.


While Batwoman readies for her quest the Monitor shows up with Lex Luthor causing Kara to opt-out on this whole team because it’s a bit unfair that he’s alive and billions of innocent people are dead. While Batwoman convinces Kara to come with her to find Bruce, Lex does what Lex does and steals the Book of Destiny so he can kill Superman. When Lila discovers what Lex has done, she fills Monitor in and he isn’t shocked, he says it’s a part of his plan leaving Lila speechless and worried.


On Earth 99 Batwoman and Kara head to the manor, where Bruce is chilling with a super ripped Luke and what looks like a robotic Bruce. On another Earth Lois and Clark learn that Lex is jumping from Earth to Earth killing off Superman and back on Earth 1,  Mia, Barry, and Sara are consulting with Constantine to find an Earth with a functioning Lazarus pit to bring back Oliver.  In Earth 167 on Smallville, we see the OG Clark from Smallville and Lex shows up to kill him but, not before Lois and Earth 38, Clark shows up Iris with to warn him. But, it’s all for naught because Clark Kent gave up his powers in on that Earth so that he could raise a normal family with Lois, who is played by Smallville’s Lois, which makes it kind of good that Earth 38’s Clark was zapped away because that would have been awkward.


Bruce is no longer a hero because, when Kate died it killed his hope and made him cower into the shadows, leaving Kate to try and get him back in the game. On another Earth, we see Clark played by Atom who was Clark in the movie-making everything super geek out worthy. Back on 99 Kara is getting the grand tour and learns that this Batman keeps trophies like a serial killer and the reason he’s in the suit is that he killed that Earth’s Superman.  Back on the Earth where Atom is Superman,  one who lost everything and the paragon they were looking for, he teams up with Earth 38’s Superman to take on Lex who uses the book to make them kill each other. While they fight it out, Iris and Lois knock Lex out and take control of the book so they can fix things but, it takes Lois pulling at his heartstrings to snap him out of it.


On Earth 18 Mia, Constantine, and Sara find a Lazarus pit and Mia seems determined to bring Oliver back but, Jonah Hex shows up to stop them and Sara and Mia end up having to fight him off while Barry and Constantine go to retrieve Oliver.  Back on Earth 99, Bruce refuses to put on the suit and Kara shows up to warn Batwoman about the Bruce of this Earth on her super suit, which makes him pull out the kryptonite and attack her. Kate stands up to Bruce and he ends up getting electrocuted, killing him almost instantly and with his last breath, he tells her there is no hope.

Back on the ship, Ray’s machine proves that Batwoman is the paragon of courage causing her to need a drink, which Kara is happy to provide, along with one of her signature pep talks and to seal the deal, she pulls out a picture of Kate and her sister. We also learn that Kate kept a little it on Kryptonite, which may or may not be a good thing because Kara wants to use the book to bring back their Earth. Back at the Lazarus pit, Constantine can’t get past the anti-matter to bring Oliver’s soul back. And, the Anti-Monitor shows up on the ship to turn Harbinger over to the dark side.

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