Review: The Worst Dudes #1

The Worst Dudes #1

There seems to be an increase in gonzo comics lately. These comics take situations and put them far over the top with characters fueled by drugs and alcohol and featuring an ever-increasing body count. The Worst Dudes #1 is an example of the trend with a detective story at its core.

The comic revolves around a dirty cop, a drugged-up back-up dancer, and an angsty adolescent god. All of them are tied together by a missing heiress. The result is a first issue that’s vulgar, rude, and really weird. It’s a bit like 90s Lobo but rated-R.

Written by Aubrey Sitterson the comic continues his gonzo over the top storytelling. Sitterson is settling into a style that takes a story we’ve seen before but ramps it up to 11. Nothing is normal here. Every character is a caricature in some way taking a personality aspect and dialing it up to obnoxious levels. The results are an over-the-top delivery where the insanity is part of the fun. There’s a lot one can be offended by but that’s also part of the charm of the comic in that it goes for the raunchy aspects. It mines so many 80s films in that way with making sure each situation is never normal.

Tony Gergori has the impressive task of delivering all of the detail and raunchy visuals. Joined by Lovern Kindzierski on color and Taylor Esposito on lettering, the comic’s visuals are over the top. Sitterson sets up the joke but it’s the art that often delivers the punchline. There’s so much in the small details, it’s crazy what’s packed in. The color pops from the page emphasizing the depravity and forcing you to look and soak in the adult nature of it all. And it delivers laughs. There’s such exaggeration at times it’s hard not to.

The Worst Dudes #1 is a throwback comic in some ways. It celebrates the crazy, over-the-top comics of the past. There’s an almost underground quality about it in the writing and art. There’s also sure to be something to offend a lot of people. It’s a sex, alcohol, and drug-fueled start and I’m sure there’s only worse to come.

Story: Aubrey Sitterson Art: Tony Gregori
Color: Lovern Kindzierski Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Story: 7.85 Art: 7.85 Overall: 7.85 Recommendation: Read

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