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Bloodlines – Purgatory & Overseer Come to Marvel Contest of Champions

What would have happened if Morningstar defeated Guillotine and stole her sword back? Alternate reality versions of familiar champions enter The Contest! Find out more about MARVEL Contest of Champions “What If” stories as Kabam debuted an all-new motion comic teasing two new, ORIGINAL Champions coming to the popular mobile fighter– Purgatory and Overseer! Here is a quick look at what The Contest has in store this month:

A Dark ritual revives an ancient weapon within The Battlerealm.

A mysterious note has found its way to the Summoner drawing them towards the Forbidden Territories alongside a few uncertain friends. It seems an ancient ritual has brought about La Fleur du Mal as well as its wielders.

Will you put aside differences and forget the past to work together in the present?


Freed from the confines of the iron maiden, Queen Haasen returns! Purgatory is a twisted, demonic creature, from an alternate timeline where Morningstar was finally able to defeat Guillotine and steal her sword back. With the blade back in her hands, the demonic presence within it overwhelmed Queen Haasen and convinced her to slay Guillotine. Doing so corrupted both her body and soul, transforming her into Purgatory and sending her on a bloodthirsty rampage unlike any seen in a millennium.

A younger version of Maestro from an alternate reality that is equal in every way, except he still maintains his sanity. The Overseer has just started his conquering career and while he isn’t villainous, he’s not quite noble either. He uses Captain America’s shield for defense, and the Silver Surfer board as a giant cleaver, but his most powerful weapon is a copy of the Infinity Gauntlet that holds the Cosmic Cube, which he uses to travel across The Battlerealm looking for conquest.

Both characters will arrive in the game in June, and fans can now check out the all-new motion comic – Bloodlines.

Other MARVEL Contest of Champions updates, including bug fixes, balance updates, the Grandmaster’s Gauntlet and Queen Haasen’s Langurian Castle Rifts challenges and more can be found HERE.

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