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Review: Savage Circus #4

Savage Circus #4

It’s chaos in the town and Brady is tasked with capturing the thieves. Of course, he also has to not get killed by wild animals in Savage Circus #4. The issue is a decent one with some solid action moments. Overall, it isn’t quite as fast-paced as the previous issue.

The first three issues were the setup for what’s to come. They put Brady in the position of dealing with thieves while having to dodge the vicious animals. With his quest beginning, writer Brendan Columbus gives Brady some company in his mission. Columbus has set up Brady as an interesting character. While he’s a sheriff, he’s also been thrown into that position. He comes off as a bit of a slacker who will be forced to stand up and do the right thing. But, that also means he’s going to likely screw that up. Michelle will be his balance. She shows she has a bit more brains and a bit of a knack for problem-solving. Brady is the blunt instrument to Michelle’s finesse and the two together on the case will be an interesting combo.

Columbus gives us some action and more of the cinematic feel for the issue as Brady heads to Michelle to see how she’s doing before he’s off in his mission. The visuals and what happens has more of a horror vibe going for it. That’s helped by Al Barrionuevo‘s art. His layouts delivers a play-by-play aspect to what happens in the use of panels and expressions of each character. While what happens feels a bit fantastical (Brady would not be functioning) Barrionuevo’s style also delivers a bit of humor to things as well. Candice Han‘s colors are fantastic delivering a look that has both a horror vibe but also has a bright aspect to it. It fits the rather playful and over the top aspect of the concept of the series. Dave Sharpe‘s lettering is consistently solid and helps emphasize the emotion of it all.

Savage Circus #4 is another solid entry in the series. While it doesn’t quite feel as packed in as previous issues and slows things down a little, it’s a lull that helps emphasize the action in some ways. It’s an issue that continues to set up Brady’s mission giving him someone to play off of and getting rid of the Rambo feel the series could easily have gone. Most importantly, Savage Circus #4 keeps its eyes on entertainment mixing in humor with the action for a result that feels like the quiet before the likely (shit) storm.

Story: Brendan Columbus Art: Al Barrionuevo
Color: Candice Han Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Story: Art: Overall: Recommendation: Buy

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