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It’s New Comic Day with Almost 170 New Digital Comics on Sale Now

Shang-Chi #2

It’s new comic book day and you can get your fill of comics right now at comics shops or online. ComiXology has you covered with your online digital needs. There’s almost 170 new digital comics on sale right now. You can get shopping now or check out the individual releases below.


Albatross Funnybooks

American Mythology Productions

Archie Comics

Aspen Comics

AWA Studios

BOOM! Studios

comiXology Submit

Dark Horse Comics

DC Comics

DC Thomson

Drawn & Quarterly

Dynamite Entertainment


Heavy Metal

IDW Publishing

Image Comics

Kid Beowulf Comics



Oni Press


Red 5 Comics

TidalWave Productions

Titan Comics


Vault Comics


Preview: Supernaut #4

Supernaut #4

Writer and Artist: Michael David Nielsen

God has released the Universal Assasins from their cages beyond the limits of the known universe. Their only goal is the total annihilation of everything.

The newly ascended consciousness of 1968 astronaut, Stephen Haddan, known as SUPERNAUT after landing a powerful artifact hidden on Earth’s Moon, has joined a team of multiversal thieves. They have endeavored more of these Outer Universal Artifacts, scattered around the Macroverse. These various devices, when used together, are said to be able to stop God, and prevent the coming apocalypse.

Supernaut #4

Heavy Metal’s Magma Comix announces the return of Amber Blake

Supermodel/writer Jade Lagardère is bringing her series Amber Blake to Heavy Metal‘s Magma Comix imprint, beginning with an all-new graphic novel in March 2021. Lagardère and legendary comics artist Butch Guice return with Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly, along with color artist Dan Brown and designer/letterer Gilberto Lazcano.

Action and intrigue abound in Amber Blake , a modern sci-fi thriller that shines a light on the dark corner of human trafficking. A recent recruit of a covert agency dead-set on ending human slavery in all its forms, Amber is going to destroy everyone who’s ever hurt the people she loves.

Every issue of the first series sold out and were rushed into second printings, and this new graphic novel sees Amber take on a dangerous mission to Singapore, where the stakes have never been higher!

Previous graphic novels will be available soon at the Heavy Metal webstore. Also, the complete adventures of Amber Blake will be collected in one volume for the first time in June 2021, and made available at bookstores, comic book stores, and the Heavy Metal webstore.

Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly

Comics Deserve Better Episode 12: Beyond the Demon, The Sea by Ben Goldsmith, Davy Broyles, and Justin Birch/Burning Tree by Nuna

On this week’s Comics Deserve Better, Brian, Darci, and Logan discuss a couple of horror one-shots from Source Point Press. The comics are the maritime scarefest Beyond the Demon, The Sea by Ben Goldsmith, Davy Broyles, and Justin Birch and the almost-silent Gothic horror book Burning Tree by Nuna. They also chat about indie comics news like Heavy Metal‘s Magma Comix imprint, Abbott 1973, TKO‘s third wave of graphic novel, and Dark Horse Comics‘ Halloween sale. Other comics mentioned on the show include Culdesac, Blood on the Tracks, Die, Bitter Root, Death of the Horror Anthology, and Maids. (Episode art by Nuna)

Wake Up to the Smell of Heavy Metal… Coffee

Heavy Metal Coffee

Heavy Metal​’s dedicated, longtime fans will now have a new way to help stay awake, alert, and focused on reading more comics, now that the magazine and Dark Matter Coffee have collaborated to produce Heavy Metal Coffee.

The Chicago, IL-based Dark Matter adheres to a philosophy where quality coffees are sourced based upon traceability, innovation, and social responsibility, enforcing a level of quality control not unlike the magazine, which is dedicated to delivering premium genre content from legendary creators and emerging talent. Heavy Metal​ fans will be able to purchase the coffee by itself, or as part of a premium subscription model through the publisher that offers a combination of coffee, magazines, comics, and merchandise in a monthly shipment at an efficient price.

Each subscription release will feature high concept coffee and art!

The artwork in question is a collage of Heavy Metal​ iconography past and present, featuring the long-running TAARNA and NELSON characters, along with images from more contemporary offerings from the publisher like Dylan Sprouse’s Sun Eater, Matthew Medney’s Dark Wing, ​Brendan Columbus’ Savage Circus, ​and Bart & Michelle Sears’ Maiden​. Each quarter for the first year, Heavy Metal​ and Dark Matter will update the art, appealing to collectors and completists who have supported the magazine for years.

Heavy Metal Coffee ​ is available at the publisher’s online shop now for preordering, and starting to ship for the holidays. The monthly subscription is $22 dollars a bag, including shipping or you can buy it ala carte for $25 plus shipping. The product will be available on HeavyMetal.com and DarkMatterCoffee.com

Preview: Never Never #2

Never Never #2

Writer: Marc McCann
Artist: Phil Buckenham
Color: Agnese Pozza
Letters: David Withers
Editor: Peter Duncan

Winter is seduced by the boy-sprite, Petros – off to the Never, Never. A place where children never grow up and adults are the enemy. What would such a place look like? Where resources are scarce. Time passes, but age is obsolete. War with adults, starved and insane from constant battle, is the norm. What would age-less boys free of civility and role-models be willing to do to survive? To live forever?

A young girl will face her greatest test; an island full of immortal cannibals with a dark secret that sustains its existence, in the most unnatural and awful of ways. Peter Pan meets The Hunger Games with a dose of Lord of the Flies. A survival horror fantasy inspired by classics but intended for a new age.

Never Never #2

Heavy Metal and the Frazetta Art Museum Partner for Covers, Special Features, and Merchandise

Heavy Metal #305

Heavy Metal Entertainment​ ’s legacy fans know the artwork of Frank Frazetta largely defines the magazine’s historic visual aesthetic, and an arrangement between the publisher and the estate of Frank Frazetta Jr and The Frazetta Art Museum will ensure that new fans will understand this.

Heavy Metal​ and the Frazetta Art Museum​ have agreed that the artwork of Frank Frazetta will be restored to the pages of the magazine, beginning with a special cover for issue #305 in February 2021, with ambitious plans to do more, including special features, variant covers, and more.

A collection of images for covers and merchandise will be curated by Heavy Metal​ and the Frazetta Art Museum​ for 2021 and beyond. Heavy Metal ​ states that at least 4 Frazetta covers will come out next year.

The inaugural cover is an homage to the late Frank Frazetta, a black and white self-portrait that evokes style and elegance. Future covers are being prepped for release along with some unreleased archive art from the master illustrator.

Issue 305 sees CEO Matthew Medney’s Dark Wing, The launch of Patrick Smith’s The Queensbury Company​, Ron Marz’ Swamp God​, Bart and Michelle Sears’ Maiden, and a sit down with Frank Frazetta Jr. to talk art, the museum, his father’s legacy and everything in between.

Heavy Metal #305 ​ will be in-stores February 2021.

Review: Brooklyn Gladiator #1


Brooklyn Gladiator #1 doesn’t really have its narrative hook until the last few pages of the first issue, but writers Dan Fogler and Andrew Harrison and artist/comics legend Simon Bisley go full cyberpunk and craft a world controlled by government surveillance, souped-up android cops, and drugs that keep you compliant. Or if you’re protagonist, John Miller, they show you freaky imagery, hold conversations entirely telepathically, and have visions of the future. Brooklyn Gladiator is an extended version of an establishing shot of the film as Fogler and Harrison’s pulpy, yet wry narration and Bisley’s crazy-ass, very Heavy Metal-meets-no-holds-barred-2000 AD visuals set up a future world and our entry point to it before letting shit hit the fan on the final page.

Simon Bisley’s art is the real draw of Brooklyn Gladiator #1 and honestly the sole reason I picked up the book. And it’s safe to say that he is still at his Slaine and Lobo levels in this title even if Fogler and Harrison navel gaze a bit at times. From the opening page, he crowds his pages with over-the-top bloody, sexy, or grotesque imagery that capture this fucked up dystopian world better than any dialogue or narrative captions. Bisley does his usual Suicide Girl-esque, inked attractive woman deal with Johnny’s neglected love interest (Actually, more of a fuck buddy) Cassandra. She definitely doesn’t pass the “sexy lamp” test and is there to emphasize that Johnny yearns for a long lost woman (cloyingly) named Hope from the past. It’s par for the course for Bisley’s biker club/tattoo convention aesthetic sense like Blade Runner, but set at the local titty bar that obnoxiously advertises itself on the album-oriented rock radio station.

However, Bisley’s more memorable work is with the Blob, a character who lives a life of ease and unlimited drug/food/fluid use in return for the government using him as a blood bag. Blob and Johnny have unrelenting contempt for each other. Blob sees Johnny as a throwback, a lost cause, and an analog man in a beyond digital era, which connects with the art’s little homages to old school action heroes like John McClane crawling through ventilation shafts. On the other hand, Johnny sees Blob as obviously corpulent and disgusting and even hallucinates him speaking in Huttese. Dan Fogler and Andrew Harrison craft an entirely pragmatic relationship between them with Johnny getting Blob access to better drugs while Blob is his fixer for gladiator matches. Their interactions contain some of the writer duo’s best and funniest dialogue coming across as a cyberpunk stoner comedy at times with Blob yearning for the day of rolling blunts among other pleasures.

Simon Bisley’s designs for the “nannies”, or authoritative police of futuristic Brooklyn, are void of all humanity and fit the snarky insults that Fogler and Harrison have Johnny hurl at them. There are definite anti-fascist and ACAB vibes to Brooklyn Gladiator, which is refreshing and even cathartic at times especially as Johnny’s unique, basically EMP abilities void their surveillance abilities. Because of the drug addled, shifting POV of this issue, I didn’t get a full handle on his powers, but Bisley drawing cops short out while Johnny figures out who ratted on him is pure fun to look at. Bisley’s chase scenes have real energy and super charged, organic colors with body parts and bits of machinery flying everywhere. I can’t wait to see his takes on actual gladiatorial combat in upcoming issues.

If you’re a Simon Bisley fan and want to see him strut his storytelling stuff on something more than a (solid) Lobo/Harley Quinn crossover comic, then Brooklyn Gladiator #1 is the book you’re waiting on. It’s has all his virtues and vices filtered through a dystopian/exploitation movie lens. Story-wise, the comic isn’t 100% up to snuff, but Johnny Miller has an almost charming underdog streak to go with drug habit and futuristic stoner philosophizing. I really just wanna see him kick some more cop and Nazi ass as this first issue is really only an appetizer.

Story: Dan Fogler and Andrew Harrison
Simon Bisley Colors: Simon Bisley Letters: Crank!
Story: 7.0 Art: 8.5 Overall: 7.7 Recommendation: Read

Heavy Metal provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: comiXologyKindle Zeus Comics

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

X of Swords: Creation #1

Wednesdays (and now Tuesdays) are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in!

Each week our contributors choose what they can’t wait to read this week or just sounds interesting. In other words, this is what we’re looking forward to and think you should be taking a look at!

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this week.

The Autumnal #1 (Vault Comics) – It already has sold out and there’s another printing coming. A horror comic that’s in demand and could be a good investment.

Brooklyn Gladiator #1 (Heavy Metal) – A futuristic series that’s classic Heavy Metal from Dan Fogler, Andrew Harrison, and Simon Bisley.

Dark Nights: Death Metal Speed Metal #1 (DC Comics) – Run, Flash, run! A tie-in to the “Death Metal” event, the issue is important as you see how the Flash crew are handling things and there are some key moments between Barry and Wally.

Doctor Doom #7 (Marvel) – The series has been fantastic so far and this is a more than welcome return. Just great writing and art and we’re expecting more of the same… in a good way.

Fishkill #1 (Heavy Metal) – A spin down a conspiracy from Dan Fogler, Laurence Blum, and Ben Templesmith. Yes, this does tie in a bit with Brooklyn Gladiator making up the Fogler-verse.

Immortal She-Hulk #1 (Marvel) – A fascinating first issue that explores death in superhero comics. This is much about philosophy and trauma as it is anything else and a very mature read.

Juggernaut #1 (Marvel) – A fantastic start. It’s a comic we didn’t know we need.

Maestro #2 (Marvel) – The first issue was a solid one and began to explore how the Hulk turned into Maestro. It was an unexpected surprise in that it’s a story we didn’t think we wanted but now after reading the first issue, we’re on board. We’re down for the journey.

Mega Man: Fully Charged #2 (BOOM! Studios) – The first issue was amazing. We don’t know the cartoon but the comic blew us away with it’s more mature take on Mega Man, war, and diplomacy.

Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn #2 (BOOM! Studios) – If you’re a Power Rangers fan, this seems to be a series where some big things are happening. Big things that’ll impact the line going forward.

RAI #7 (Valiant) – Every issue has rocked so far and we can’t get enough of this series. Absolutely go and get it, Valiant is where it’s at for action/superhero comics.

Undiscovered Country #8 (Image Comics) – This series has been a wild ride so far taking us to an America that has been cut off from the world. It’s a bit of a Willy Wonka ride as each “zone” has a different feel from the rest and in its first arc it has shown anything is possible. This is a series that surprises with every issue.

Unkindness of Ravens #1 (BOOM! Studios) – A magical witch series and we’re down for what looks like solid art and a nice mystery. We don’t know much else beyond the teaser text but that has us interested enough to check the series out.

X of Swords: Creation #1 (Marvel) – The next “X event” is here and we want to see how this new dawn of the X-Men handles crossover events. The bar has been set high… so we’re intrigued… but nervous.

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