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Review: Space Bastards #3

Space Bastards #3

Space Bastards #3 shifts the focus of the series a bit. This issue focuses on Manny and his seeking revenge against Proton. The result is another hilarious issue that’s over the top in action, violence, and pretty offensive things. In other words, it’s par for the course for the series.

The series follows the Intergalactic Postal Service, a space based postal service with a twist. It’s not as simple as delivering a package. Instead, the race to deliver is a contest with the package being able to be stolen from other delivery people. For each handler, the price of delivery goes up. Also, anything goes. Kill your competition if you need to snag the package and complete the delivery. That last bit results in what’s been an over the top comic where the guns go ablaze and blood splatters.

Manny is pissed he had his package stolen by Proton resulting in an attack after the package has been delivered. This gets Manny suspended for 24 hours and even more pissed.

Writers Eric Peterson and Joe Aubrey deliver another crazy issue where Manny is on the warpath and a package has to be delivered. Bombs go off. Bullets fly. Flamethrowers BBQ the competition. And that’s more on the tame end of things.

The issue introduces Zordakk, my new favorite character who has an interesting speaking pattern and says whatever’s on his mind. It’s hard to not laugh at what he says, no matter how offensive and off it is.

Darick Robertson is the maestro of chaos with color by Diego Rodriguez and lettering by Simon Bowland. The visuals are the usual entertaining with almost glee at the destruction. The story sets up the joke but it’s the visual that delivers the punchline. The comic just wouldn’t work as well with a different style to it. Everything is exaggerated visually with large explosions and blood flowing. The characters too deliver that over-the-top aspect with their emotions flowing.

Space Bastards #3 is another fantastic issue. The issue, and series, seems to revel in the death and destruction. It bathes in it. The series is a fun one with a bit of a throwback to Heavy Metal aspect about it. It’s a fun series where you have no idea what’s coming next, keeping readers on their toes for the next kill.

Story: Eric Peterson, Joe Aubrey Art: Darick Robertson
Color: Diego Rodriguez Letterer: Simon Bowland
Story: 8.15 Art: 8.15 Overall: 8.15 Recommendation: Buy

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