Check Out the New Marvel Contest of Champions Motion Comic Penned by Marvel Comic Writer Jason Aaron

The mobile game company Kabam and Marvel have unveiled an exclusive motion comic – “Sins of The Father” – by Marvel comic writer Jason Aaron, best known for the Thor and Avengers series, for one of Marvel’s ongoing series on popular mobile fighter MARVEL Contest of Champions’. MARVEL Contest of Champions’ all-new motion comic also teases two new Champions – Odin and Mangog – coming to the game this March! Here is a quick look at what the Contest has in store this month:

He goes by many names and designations. The All-Father. Ruler of the Nine Realms. You may refer to him as Odin, and he has arrived in The Contest! 

To celebrate, he and the residents of Asgard hold a tournament to assess his people’s strength. While the competition carries on, the sound of the Eternity Alarm rings across The Battlerealm, drawing Odin’s attention away from the tournament! The All-Father must rush to the abandoned palace of Asgard to stall the rampage of an ancient and powerful foe, the hate-fueled Mangog! Will Odin find redemption, or will he succumb to his past sins?