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Review: Savage Circus #2

Savage Circus #2

Take rampaging Gremlins and replace them with a circus worth of angry animals and the rampage and you have Savage Circus. If the first issue was the setup, Savage Circus #2 is the ship hitting the iceberg. It’s an issue full of disaster and it’s super entertaining.

Writer Brendan Columbus really gets the ball rolling with this issue that amps of the carnage to 11 compared to the first issue. And comparing it to the debut is partially what’s fascinating. The debut issue focused on a couple of characters and a heist with the train being the disaster on the horizon. The second issue continues the heist aspect of the issue but it turns into a side aspect. It’s kind of the deus ex machina to get the ball rolling for the release of the savage beasts from the savage circus.

It’s an interesting choice to go this direction and has me wanting to see where things go in future issues as far as that aspect. It’s easily something that just got us from point A to point B or play further into the series. As a reader, I’m unsure if how much that opening hook of a heist will matter as things continue.

But, lets face it. The beasts on the loose is the draw now. The train is off the tracks and pissed off animals want some revenge for the abuses they’ve experienced. Yes, Columbus gives the animals some motivation as to why they’re killing people. And boy do they kill people. There’s an over the top level of carnage and death all rendered in creative gore.

Artist Al Barrionuevo seems to have fun with the destruction and death once the animals are loose. The imagery is over the top to take things into comical level. And that’s partially what makes it fun. Barrionuevo is joined by Candice Han on color and Dave Sharpe on lettering. Han delivers splashes of blood without making it overwhelming. The art is an orgy of destruction that’ll put a smile on readers’ faces.

Savage Circus #2 is a solid second issue that really gets things rolling, or derailed might be a better way to put it. The issue ups the carnage and action to a level that’s hard to not laugh at. It’s so over the top once things get going that it’s a bit amazing at how many ways the creative team has come up with in killing individuals. It’s a fun symphony of destruction during this winter season.

Story: Brendan Columbus Art: Al Barrionuevo
Color: Candice Han Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

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