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Review: Crossover #3

Crossover #3

Crossover has been an interesting series for its first two issues. The “comics come to the real world” has had some of its fun stemming from the “spot the comic character” aspect of it all. The comic itself has teased known comic characters but hasn’t really used them front and center. Crossover #3 changes all of that. Was writer Donny Cates goes meta with one of his co-creations, The Paybacks, coming to the story front and center.

The issue mostly involves various characters coming together as the journey to get to ground zero begins. But, it’s the latter half of the issue where things really stand out.

Cates has a lot of fun bringing in these co-creations (with writer Eliot Rahal) of The Paybacks to the comic. The Paybacks were a much too-short run comic series published by Dark Horse. Crossover #3 has fun with that mentioning the lack of support and its cancelation. The series itself was both a spoof and homage to comic books, a proto-Crossover in some ways.

But Crossover #3 has far more than that up its sleeve. It also introducesa more “classic” comic character to the narrative. It’s an interesting shift for the series. Up to this point, it has played up nostalgia but hasn’t done a deep dive using established comic characters. The move opens up a lot of possibilities of where this all goes and shifts the enjoyment from just fandom to all of the possibilities, especially due to the final reveal.

Geoff Shaw‘s art continues to be amazing. Along with the colors of Dee Cunniffe and lettering by John J. Hill the issue is another feather in everyone’s cap. Shaw also worked on The Paybacks, so to see him return with a slight twist of the style of Crossover makes it even more fun. The Ben-Day dots continue to amaze me and not only is a fantastic delineation from “reality” and the “comic world” but also a but of throwback for me to my early year of comic reading.

Crossover #3 is a fantastic issue that blends different worlds even more and allows Cate and Shaw return to an earlier property of theirs. That inclusion is fun (seriously, go read The Paybacks) but the further reveal really ups the “oh shit” factor of it all. This is a top-notch series that in its third issue has shifted things a bit taking this comic to an even crazier level of entertainment.

Story: Donny Cates Art: Geoff Shaw
Color: Dee Cunniffe Letterer/Design: John J. Hill
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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