Review: Avengers #40

Avengers #40

The Avengers are on to their next big storyline as the Phoenix has returned to Earth searching for a new host. Writer Jason Aaron has been building out a long-running epic that’s building to something with this latest chapter exploring another aspect of the original Avengers from thousands of years ago. Avengers #40 kicks off the “Enter the Phoenix” storyline and for all the build-up and hype, the issue is a whole lot of been there/done that.

After briefly aiding Moon Knight’s battle in the previous story arc, the Phoenix has taken up residence on Earth once again, this time searching for a new host to hold the power. The Avengers are on alert as are numerous groups and individuals looking to take the power for their own. But, the Phoenix has its own plan to find a champion in a battle between individuals with apparently the last one standing gaining the power.

Writer Jason Aaron delivers a pseudo-follow up to Avengers vs. X-Men as the Phoenix looks for a new host, this time focusing mostly on non-mutants. The battle between characters to prove who’s mightiest is something we’ve seen over and over again and this issue provides nothing new as far as that. In fact, it riffs on the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a groan-inducing moment involving Captain America. Uninspired. Not exciting. Downright boring. These are the words I’d describe a moment that has global implications.

The most interesting aspect of Avengers #40 is its ending where we see those who have been whisked away by the Phoenix to compete.

Javier Garrón provides the art along with David Curiel on color and Cory Petit on lettering. The art is a somewhat interesting aspect of the comic making best of Aaron’s disjointed script. While some panels lack details the focus and highlight is the battle between Captain America and Doctor Doom. It’s an anime/manga inspired fight full of energy blasts dripping of Phoenix Force. While Phoenix powered Doom isn’t all too exciting Captain America’s look is interesting though a bit “just happens”. The colors pop on the page emphasizing the energy oozing off of the combatants.

After a lot of build-up and hype, Avengers #40 and “Enter the Phoenix” is an uninspired start. Like the title suggests, it’s a riff on the tournament battle story we’ve seen so many times before. It delivers nothing new or interesting to the genre. Maybe down the line it will but as a beginning it’s a hell of a stumble.

Story: Jason Aaron Art: Javier Garrón
Color: David Curiel Letterer: Cory Petit
Story: 5.0 Art: 8.35 Overall: 6.0 Recommendation: Pass

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