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Review: Rai #10

Rai #10

I feel like those who are not reading Rai have truly missed out on an absolutely fantastic story. Set in the 41st century, Rai and his brother Raijin have wandered the world looking for the lost remnants of their adversary, Father, looking to destroy them. Along the way, they’ve had some rather creative run-ins with Father’s offspring. The latest tale involves Fusion, another of Father’s machinations, who controls New Ur, a positronic city. In the last issue, they showed their true colors and came for Rai and his companions.

Rai #10 continues the action as Rai and Fusion do their thing. Raijin and Alice, Rai’s companions, are attacked and Alice falls…only to don the look of Bloodshot. Rai’s victory is short-lived as he leaves to the wilderness to be confronted by the dark he’d heard so much of, but it’s not the dark but the Darque, a nod to one of Valiant’s best villains that we’ve not seen in quite a few years.

Dan Abnett had been tasked with bringing back Rai and those adventures started in the event Fallen World. Since issue one, it’s been one of the best books they’ve published. The world around Rai has been greatly fleshed out and a lot of the threats have been really interesting. In a previous run, it’s revealed that positronic individuals are discriminated against and murdered for fun so having New Ur turn that around as a society against humans was a fun twist. There are a few story threads with Rai and they are given the proper amount of pages to not be neglected. Alice, who I was sure was going to be a throwaway character, ends up something far more interesting here, possibly becoming Bloodshot.

Juan Jose Ryp is one of my favorite artists in comics. He’s been on this entire run of Rai and delivered a lot of spectacular pages. There’s so much detail in his work and with this series, he’s done a lot of creative action sequences. Rai #10 is no different and with having Andrew Dalhouse on colors, they make each page a must-see.

This issue ends this volume of Rai and with some cliffhangers, too. My hopes are that it’s not for long and that we can get this team back on these characters. The pandemic has had such an awful effect on everything and been brutal on the work of smaller publishers. Still, this issue continues my thoughts that Rai is one of the best books of 2020 and that everyone asking for good comics should be rushing to get this one.

Story: Dan Abnett Artist: Juan José Ryp
Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse Letter: Dave Sharpe

Story: 9.5 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy

Valiant provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: comiXology – Kindle – Zeus Comics