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MARVEL Realm of Champions has Launched!

Kabam has officially launched its highly anticipated, real-time mobile multiplayer action-RPG brawler MARVEL Realm of Champions on the App Store and Google Play.

Starting today, Marvel fans and gamers can Make Marvel Theirs. Unique to MARVEL Realm of Champions, players will customize their own Marvel Champion with a variety of gear and weapons to suit their personal tastes and playstyles.

Players will take part in a Secret War between Marvel-inspired factions. Team up with friends around the world for intense real-time action and arena combat against enemies and other players in an epic war of planetary proportions.

MARVEL Realm of Champions is a new imagining of the Marvel Universe that transports players to Battleworld, a mysterious, war-ravaged planet forged from many realities. The factions of Battleworld had been kept in isolation until Maestro marched over the land and forced the houses to unify into a single Realm, keeping a tenuous peace on the planet. The Maestro’s reign was cut short when he was mysteriously murdered, causing massive unrest and the threat of imminent war. In a last-ditch effort, a group of the House Leaders gathered and agreed to fight in a secret war to prevent an open war.

After selecting their Champion and equipping the best gear for the battle, players can team up with friends for epic multiplayer skirmishes in unique Marvel-inspired battle arenas and brawl in real-time cooperative battles for glory, triumph, and honor.

Players jumping into MARVEL Realm of Champions will eagerly experience the following:

  • CUSTOMIZABLE MARVEL CHAMPIONS: For the first time in a Marvel game, players take control of their Marvel Champion and customize them to showcase their personal strengths and style. Players can strategically personalize their own Champion through a large variety of gear, abilities, and weapon upgrades. They can build a well-rounded team of Marvel Champions with unique roles and abilities that cater to personal playstyles, or focus on progressing one ultimate Champion to play their part in leading teams to victory.
  • NEW, IMMERSIVE MARVEL-INSPIRED WORLD: Players can fully immerse themselves in a new world of Marvel lore and intrigue primed for multiplayer battle and mayhem. From barbarian wastelands populated with Hulks, to high-tech cityscapes built on Iron Man’s Stark Tech, players will experience action, adventure, and the thrill of victory by competing and conquering these arenas with a team of like-minded Champions.
  • EPIC MULTIPLAYER BRAWLS: Players connect with their network of friends and challenge others from around the world to decide who will conquer Battleworld in action-packed team battles. Players strategize with a cooperative team to determine the best playstyle and Champion mix, and then lead their team to victory in Arena Conquest (3v3) and Arena Deathmatch (2v2v2). Players can also team up and battle waves of enemies in Stronghold and Onslaught.
  • A VISUALLY STUNNING MARVEL CHAMPIONS EXPERIENCE: Players will witness awe-inspiring graphics and beautifully sculpted representations of Marvel characters, battle arenas, and spectacular special moves across a suite of rich environments themed after iconic Marvel Super Heroes, Super Villains and settings. MARVEL Realm of Champions features accessible and intuitive touch controls with thrilling, action-oriented combat, offering moments of pure joy and amazement within a real-time combat system.
  • ALWAYS ON & EVOLVING: Players will always have something to do when logging into MARVEL Realm of Champions, whether it’s personalizing Champions, upgrading gear sets, or fighting against enemy teams. New content, including gear sets, weapons, special limited-time events and additional Champions inspired by over 80 years of Marvel history, will be added throughout the game’s life, ensuring there is always something new to achieve in-game.

At launch, MARVEL Realm of Champions players can look forward to customizing seven playable Champions with a full suite of gear sets and unique weapons.

They will brawl in four intense game modes, in eight beautifully renderedMarvel inspired Battle Arenas. These modes offer a variety of cooperative team-ups. Arena Conquest (3v3) and Arena Deathmatch (2v2v2) are the intense real-time PvP competitive modes. Stronghold and Onslaught, are centered around a team of three who will defend their ISO-Core against waves of enemy Adaptoids and corrupted Champion bosses, whose difficulty scales as the team progresses.

In addition to the intense multiplayer action, players will get rewards for logging in daily, and can form and join player-run Alliances.

MARVEL Realm of Champions is now available as a free download (with in-app purchases) on the App Store and Google Play.