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MARVEL Realm of Champions New Game Update features Red Guardian and Hydra

Kabam has released its new 4.1 update for MARVEL Realm of Champions!

Through a new in-game event, A HOUSE DIVIDED, Peggy Carter enlists Champions from across Battleworld to form a new strike team with one goal – to retrieve a powerful RED TESSERACT, created by the USSR during the Cold War, from the clutches of HYDRA.

To succeed, they will need to defeat one of the Patriot Garrison’s own Champions, the RED GUARDIAN, in an attempt to free him from HYDRA’s control. Enter each battle in v4.1’s World Quest story event alongside PEGGY CARTER and defend her from a slew of Adaptoids and the Red Guardian.

More details on the new 4.1 update can be found below.

  • New In-Game Event – A HOUSE DIVIDED: Following Stark’s new policy of cooperation, Peggy Carter enlists Champions from across Battleworld to form a new strike team with one goal – to retrieve a powerful RED TESSERACT, created by the USSR during the Cold War, from the clutches of HYDRA.To succeed, they will need to defeat one of the Patriot Garrison’s own Champions, the RED GUARDIAN, in an attempt to free him from HYDRA’s control. Enter each battle in v4.1’s World Quest story event alongside PEGGY CARTER and defend her from a slew of Adaptoids and the Red Guardian.
  • New Super Soldier Gear – Red Guardian Set and Patriotic Gear Slots
  • New Weapons – Super Soldier: Hydra Vibranium Shield Variant, and Sorcerer Supreme: Black Mirror
  • New Arena Conquest Environment – The Raft

Battle in Style with Transmog in MARVEL Realm of Champions

Kabam has launched its latest 4.0 update for MARVEL Realm of Champions, including a brand-new Transmog feature that allows players to change the appearances of their Champions’ armor and weaponry.

Fans have anticipated this feature, and Kabam is excited to officially implement it in game. Transmog brings new creative potential that players can achieve while still retaining the full power of their battle-hardened equipment, so there is no sacrificing power for style. These cosmetic appearances can be unlocked by players to apply to their gear using a new currency called Essence to apply their new look. The more rare the appearance, the more Essence it takes to apply.

Alongside Transmog, other updates to MARVEL Realm of Champions include:

  • New Story – An UNWORTHY THOR goes on a quest to earn the right to his own Mjolnir hammer, accompanied by the most unlikely of the companions: a WINTER SOLDIER who walked away from the world after a personal tragedy. In the end, they might find that being “Worthy” is not what they expected when they started their journey.
  • New Thor Gear Sets – Featuring the “Odinforce” suit of armor and “Unworthy” outfit.
  • New Hulk Weapon – Introducing the “Wing Shield” (Tank) that changes your Hulk Champion’s abilities once selected.
  • New Asgardia Arena Conquest Environment – The first Asgardian Republic environment to be introduced to the game!

See the blog post HERE for more details, plus more intel on Hulk’s “Wing Shield” HERE and the new Thor Gear Sets HERE.

3.1 Update for MARVEL Realm of Champions NOW LIVE!

The latest update for MARVEL Realm of Champions sets the stage for the game’s latest chapter in the ongoing story of Battleworld. Following the introduction of Thor and the Asgardian Republic to players, a warning has come to Battleworld denizens from a Web Warrior (Champions inspired by Spider-Man) from the year 2099 eager to share tales of a “dark path” that everyone is currently walking towards.

Other content coming to MARVEL Realm of Champions in today’s update include:

  • NEW SPIDER-GUILD EQUIPMENT, including a Spider-Man 2099-themed gear set, and weapon variants for Drumloaded & Stark Tech Gatling
  • NEW KINGDOM OF WAKANDA EQUIPMENT, including a weapon variant for the Jaquar Claws

Bring down the Thunder in Battleworld as MARVEL Realm of Champions unleashes Thor to Players!

After much hype and anticipation from its community, Kabam is thrilled to announce that Thor – proud warrior of the Thor Corps serving under Baron War Thor of the Asgardian Republic – has stepped into Battleworld in MARVEL Realm of Championslatest update!

Thor is a melee-class bruiser who specializes in getting up close and personal with enemies in 1v1 arena combat. Once available, players can choose between Mjolnir for ultimate crowd control capabilities, or Stormbreaker in order to deal high amounts of damage. In addition, the latest chapter of MARVEL Realm of Champions’ war-town story is coming soon as players must stop Skaar, Warlord of the Gamma Horde from unleashing a dangerous weapon upon the land.

Other updates to MARVEL Realm of Champions include:

  • Summoner’s Journey – A brand new form of Solo Progression that unlocks new rewards and custom comics that reveal more on MARVEL Realm of Champions’ world lore
  • Showdown / Pinnacle Quests – Two new game modes make their debut! Showdown has players go head-to-head to face Skaar of the Gamma Horde in 3v1 combat, while Pinnacle Quest sends your Champions on difficult missions in order to prove your strength against War Thor’s chosen warriors – all for rare and powerful prizes upon completion!
  • Seasons – Competitive players can now look forward to increase their Champion’s Battle Rating in this monthly competition, where valuable rewards and bragging rewards are on the line!

2.1 Update for MARVEL Realm of Champions Now Live

The story continues as Kabam issued their 2.1 update for MARVEL Realm of Champions, their latest mobile action-RPG brawler. This latest chapter of the planetary Battleworld conflict brings Queen Shuri of the Kingdom of Wakanda front and center as she sends her Black Panthers to retrieve Vibranium stockpiles stolen by the Battleworld’s other Houses.

Other new content coming to MARVEL Realm of Champions include:

  • The new Black Panther Gear Set – Wakandan Scientist – can be collected by players
  • New Weapon Variants for Black Panther’s Claw and Spear weapons can now be collected. 
    • In addition, Weapon Variant Passive bonuses are now live for players eager to further specialize their favorite weapons with additional bonuses
  • Players now have a ‘Vibranium’ single slot gear for their other Champions
  • The ‘Pleasant Hill’ Arena themed after the Patriot Garrison House is now unlocked
Marvel Realm of Champions

MARVEL Realm of Champions Kicks Off 2021 With PvP / PvE Updates Open to All Players!

MARVEL Realm of Champions

Following its December worldwide launch, Kabam‘s latest real-time multiplayer action-RPG mobile brawler MARVEL Realm of Champions is receiving its first major content update, and it’s now available to all players. For those knee-deep in battle and are eager to team up with fellow Summoners to further grow in overall power, the update brings Battleworld denizens together in the collective desire to be the strongest Champion for their Baron – ruler of the Marvel-themed Houses vying for control of Battleworld. 

The new update includes:

  • World Quests – World Quests are brand new narrative-driven PvE experiences where players are taken to every corner of Battleworld in the pursuit of aiding Barons. The first quest, Grave of the Celestials, will be a two-part event that goes live periodically from February 22nd to March 19th!. Players can look forward to additional World Quests for MARVEL Realm of Champions in 2021. 
  • Leaderboards – Players can now check their Battle Rating and Champion Ranking to see how they stack up against global players, friend alliances, and other players in a specific geographic region. 
  • Alliance Events – Alliance members can now work together to complete specific objectives, in which participating alliance members can earn various and valuable rewards. 
  • Gear Shards – By completing Alliance Events, Objectives, and Calendar Rewards, players earn Gear Shards, a new form of resource that can be exchanged for crystals that guarantees items of specific rarities. 
  • New Weapons: The Hurricane Flail for Pyramid X Champions, and the Proton Cannon for House of Iron Champions, are now available to collect in-game. The Hurricane Flail transforms Storm players into a ranged support Champion, while the Proton Cannon allows Iron Legionnaires players to become a ranged damage Champion.

A full list of this month’s updates, and details on bug fixes, in-game enhancements, and other changes, can be found on MARVEL Realm of Champions’ blog.

MARVEL Realm of Champions has Launched!

Kabam has officially launched its highly anticipated, real-time mobile multiplayer action-RPG brawler MARVEL Realm of Champions on the App Store and Google Play.

Starting today, Marvel fans and gamers can Make Marvel Theirs. Unique to MARVEL Realm of Champions, players will customize their own Marvel Champion with a variety of gear and weapons to suit their personal tastes and playstyles.

Players will take part in a Secret War between Marvel-inspired factions. Team up with friends around the world for intense real-time action and arena combat against enemies and other players in an epic war of planetary proportions.

MARVEL Realm of Champions is a new imagining of the Marvel Universe that transports players to Battleworld, a mysterious, war-ravaged planet forged from many realities. The factions of Battleworld had been kept in isolation until Maestro marched over the land and forced the houses to unify into a single Realm, keeping a tenuous peace on the planet. The Maestro’s reign was cut short when he was mysteriously murdered, causing massive unrest and the threat of imminent war. In a last-ditch effort, a group of the House Leaders gathered and agreed to fight in a secret war to prevent an open war.

After selecting their Champion and equipping the best gear for the battle, players can team up with friends for epic multiplayer skirmishes in unique Marvel-inspired battle arenas and brawl in real-time cooperative battles for glory, triumph, and honor.

Players jumping into MARVEL Realm of Champions will eagerly experience the following:

  • CUSTOMIZABLE MARVEL CHAMPIONS: For the first time in a Marvel game, players take control of their Marvel Champion and customize them to showcase their personal strengths and style. Players can strategically personalize their own Champion through a large variety of gear, abilities, and weapon upgrades. They can build a well-rounded team of Marvel Champions with unique roles and abilities that cater to personal playstyles, or focus on progressing one ultimate Champion to play their part in leading teams to victory.
  • NEW, IMMERSIVE MARVEL-INSPIRED WORLD: Players can fully immerse themselves in a new world of Marvel lore and intrigue primed for multiplayer battle and mayhem. From barbarian wastelands populated with Hulks, to high-tech cityscapes built on Iron Man’s Stark Tech, players will experience action, adventure, and the thrill of victory by competing and conquering these arenas with a team of like-minded Champions.
  • EPIC MULTIPLAYER BRAWLS: Players connect with their network of friends and challenge others from around the world to decide who will conquer Battleworld in action-packed team battles. Players strategize with a cooperative team to determine the best playstyle and Champion mix, and then lead their team to victory in Arena Conquest (3v3) and Arena Deathmatch (2v2v2). Players can also team up and battle waves of enemies in Stronghold and Onslaught.
  • A VISUALLY STUNNING MARVEL CHAMPIONS EXPERIENCE: Players will witness awe-inspiring graphics and beautifully sculpted representations of Marvel characters, battle arenas, and spectacular special moves across a suite of rich environments themed after iconic Marvel Super Heroes, Super Villains and settings. MARVEL Realm of Champions features accessible and intuitive touch controls with thrilling, action-oriented combat, offering moments of pure joy and amazement within a real-time combat system.
  • ALWAYS ON & EVOLVING: Players will always have something to do when logging into MARVEL Realm of Champions, whether it’s personalizing Champions, upgrading gear sets, or fighting against enemy teams. New content, including gear sets, weapons, special limited-time events and additional Champions inspired by over 80 years of Marvel history, will be added throughout the game’s life, ensuring there is always something new to achieve in-game.

At launch, MARVEL Realm of Champions players can look forward to customizing seven playable Champions with a full suite of gear sets and unique weapons.

They will brawl in four intense game modes, in eight beautifully renderedMarvel inspired Battle Arenas. These modes offer a variety of cooperative team-ups. Arena Conquest (3v3) and Arena Deathmatch (2v2v2) are the intense real-time PvP competitive modes. Stronghold and Onslaught, are centered around a team of three who will defend their ISO-Core against waves of enemy Adaptoids and corrupted Champion bosses, whose difficulty scales as the team progresses.

In addition to the intense multiplayer action, players will get rewards for logging in daily, and can form and join player-run Alliances.

MARVEL Realm of Champions is now available as a free download (with in-app purchases) on the App Store and Google Play.

Marvel Realm of Champions Comes to Mobile Devices on December 16

Mobile gamers can suit up and become their own Marvel Champion very soon! Kabam, has announced the worldwide launch date for the highly-anticipated mobile game, MARVEL Realm of Champions. Marvel fans and gamers will be able to download and play the real-time mobile multiplayer action-RPG brawler on iOS and Android devices on December 16!

In Marvel Realm of Champions, mobile gamers will be able to customize their own versions of Marvel Super Heroes for the first time, utilizing a robust character customization system offering a variety of powerful gear and weapons to tackle any combat situation and reflect their Marvel style. Newly revealed content that will be added at launch include:

  • A New Playable Championwill join Battleworld alongside the current six playable Champions – Iron Legionnaire, Web Warrior, Black Panther, Hulk, Storm, and Sorcerer Supreme
  • Sorcerer Supreme will receive a full new gear set and weapon variant
  • Hulk will receive two new weapon variants
  • Stronghold will receive a new Battle Arena
  • Players will be able to create/join alliances and chats – additional Alliance features will be added post-launch
  • Daily rewards will be given to players who log in each day

Players can go to Google Play or MarvelRealmofChampions.com to sign up for an exclusive pre-registration gift. 

MARVEL Realm of Champions Pre-Registration is Now Open

MARVEL Realm of Champions

Kabam – creators of the award-winning mobile fighting game MARVEL Contest of Champions, have opened player pre-registration for their real-time mobile multiplayer action-RPG brawler MARVEL Realm of ChampionsGo now to Google Play or MarvelRealmofChampions.com to sign up for an exclusive pre-registration gift.

Celebrating the start of player pre-registration, Kabam has released a new Cinematic that continues the Realm of Champions story. Four new Barons join up with the original eight to plan out a Secret War on Battleworld.

For the first time, Marvel fans and gamers will be able to create their own versions of Marvel Super Heroes. MARVEL Realm of Champions features robust character customization through a variety of powerful gear and weapons to tackle any combat situation. Players will be able to choose from 6 playable Champions – Iron Legionnaire, Web Warrior, Black Panther, Hulk, Storm, Sorcerer Supreme.

MARVEL Realm of Champions is a new imagining of the Marvel Universe that transports players to Battleworld, a forbidden planet forged from many realities, where its uneasy peace is disrupted by the death of Maestro, the God-King. After selecting and fully customizing their Champion with the best gear for the situation, players can team up with other players for epic multiplayer skirmishes in unique Marvel-inspired battle areas and brawl in real-time 3v3 team battles for glory, triumph, and honor.

Players can now pre-register for MARVEL Realm of Champions via the game’s website and Google Play. At launch, pre-registered users will receive Iron Legionnaire and Hulk gear, along with 100 Units and 300 Gold to help them get started.

Get a First Look at MARVEL Realm of Champions Gameplay

Kabam has unveiled the first-ever gameplay trailer for the upcoming real-time multiplayer mobile ARPG, MARVEL Realm of Champions, where Marvel fans and gamers get a sneak peek of a bold new imagining of the Marvel Universe and what to expect and experience in this upcoming and highly-anticipated Super Hero game. 

Long ago, Maestro, an evil version of the Hulk from an alternate future, forced shattered realities together to construct his own Battleworld and ruled these timelines filled with Gods and Warriors alike until he was secretly slain! With his iron grip no longer holding this world together, Barons from the Marvel-themed Houses like the House of Iron (Iron Man), Spider-Guild (Spider-Man), Patriot Garrison (Captain American), and more have risen to control their lands and turn the tide of war in their favor. As this Secret War begins, it is up to YOU brave Summoner to solve the mysteries of Battleworld and take your true place as a powerful Champion!

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