Battle in Style with Transmog in MARVEL Realm of Champions

Kabam has launched its latest 4.0 update for MARVEL Realm of Champions, including a brand-new Transmog feature that allows players to change the appearances of their Champions’ armor and weaponry.

Fans have anticipated this feature, and Kabam is excited to officially implement it in game. Transmog brings new creative potential that players can achieve while still retaining the full power of their battle-hardened equipment, so there is no sacrificing power for style. These cosmetic appearances can be unlocked by players to apply to their gear using a new currency called Essence to apply their new look. The more rare the appearance, the more Essence it takes to apply.

Alongside Transmog, other updates to MARVEL Realm of Champions include:

  • New Story – An UNWORTHY THOR goes on a quest to earn the right to his own Mjolnir hammer, accompanied by the most unlikely of the companions: a WINTER SOLDIER who walked away from the world after a personal tragedy. In the end, they might find that being “Worthy” is not what they expected when they started their journey.
  • New Thor Gear Sets – Featuring the “Odinforce” suit of armor and “Unworthy” outfit.
  • New Hulk Weapon – Introducing the “Wing Shield” (Tank) that changes your Hulk Champion’s abilities once selected.
  • New Asgardia Arena Conquest Environment – The first Asgardian Republic environment to be introduced to the game!

See the blog post HERE for more details, plus more intel on Hulk’s “Wing Shield” HERE and the new Thor Gear Sets HERE.