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MARVEL Realm of Champions Kicks Off 2021 With PvP / PvE Updates Open to All Players!

MARVEL Realm of Champions

Following its December worldwide launch, Kabam‘s latest real-time multiplayer action-RPG mobile brawler MARVEL Realm of Champions is receiving its first major content update, and it’s now available to all players. For those knee-deep in battle and are eager to team up with fellow Summoners to further grow in overall power, the update brings Battleworld denizens together in the collective desire to be the strongest Champion for their Baron – ruler of the Marvel-themed Houses vying for control of Battleworld.

The new update includes:

  • World Quests – World Quests are brand new narrative-driven PvE experiences where players are taken to every corner of Battleworld in the pursuit of aiding Barons. The first quest, Grave of the Celestials, will be a two-part event that goes live periodically from February 22nd to March 19th!. Players can look forward to additional World Quests for MARVEL Realm of Champions in 2021. 
  • Leaderboards – Players can now check their Battle Rating and Champion Ranking to see how they stack up against global players, friend alliances, and other players in a specific geographic region. 
  • Alliance Events – Alliance members can now work together to complete specific objectives, in which participating alliance members can earn various and valuable rewards. 
  • Gear Shards – By completing Alliance Events, Objectives, and Calendar Rewards, players earn Gear Shards, a new form of resource that can be exchanged for crystals that guarantees items of specific rarities. 
  • New Weapons: The Hurricane Flail for Pyramid X Champions, and the Proton Cannon for House of Iron Champions, are now available to collect in-game. The Hurricane Flail transforms Storm players into a ranged support Champion, while the Proton Cannon allows Iron Legionnaires players to become a ranged damage Champion.

A full list of this month’s updates, and details on bug fixes, in-game enhancements, and other changes, can be found on MARVEL Realm of Champions’ blog.

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