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Review: Sea of Sorrows #1

Sea of Sorrows #1

The team behind the horror series Road of Bones is back with Sea of Sorrows #1. Moving from the frozen tundra of Siberia, the new horror setting for the duo of Rich Douek and Alex Cromack takes us to the deep sea. With the Great War over, the North Atlantic is filled with riches. The story focuses on a former naval officer who hires a crew to retrieve gold on a sunken U-boat. With riches within reach, tension builds leading to double-crosses while a terror below awaits them all.

Douek and Cormack have put together a hell of a start that feels like a solid period piece. The build throughout the issue adds tension with each page until it’s clear by the end this is a where few can be trusted and most likely few will make it out alive.

But, what’s interesting about this debut is its underlying theme of corruption and an attempt to escape horror. Some of the individuals are haunted by what they did during the war. Others have history with each other that’s at play. And some prefer the icy waters and the peace they bring. There’s a haunting melancholy about it all and the comic can easily be imagined on the big screen.

Some of that is helped by how the comic is presented visually. There’s something more cinematic about it in its more grounded look. Set in a post Great War, Cormack’s art has a lived in look to it with small details emphasizing a real world. That’s helped by the color which Cormack also did with an assist by Mark Mullaney. There’s a gritty dirtiness about it all. Visually, and even storywise, the comic reminds me of Jaws where our trio of heroes recount stories of being hurt and the recounting of the Indianapolis in World War II. The sadness felt in that scene extends to this comic delivering a mature beginning that’s more about haunting tension than actual scares. Justin Birch‘s lettering is solid and stands out when needed to emphasize the supernatural and horror elements that are peppered through the issue.

Sea of Sorrows #1 is a solid debut delivering a period piece of horror. The comic is more focused on building tension for what’s to come than deliver scares. It’s a psychological angle than cheap thrills. Like Road of Bones‘, Sea of Sorrows #1 is a hell of a start and perfect for those who are looking for a cold frightening chill in these fall and winter months.

Story: Rich Douek Art: Alex Cormack
Color: Alex Cormack, Mark Mullaney Letterer: Justin Birch
Story: 8.25 Art: 8.25 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Buy

IDW Publishing provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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