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Review: Savage Circus #1

Savage Circus #1

There’s some classic stories that take place during Christmas. While many will think of classics that have to do with specifically with the holiday and celebrations it’s those that use it as a backdrop that are more entertaining to me. Die Hard and Gremlins are two examples and two of my favorite films. Savage Circus #1 reminds me of both of those not just with the setting but even the concept to some degree.

Savage Circus #1 presents a collision course of a first issue. Some of the comic is about a traveling circus called the Savage Circus whose features are the most dangerous creatures out there. In a small town, a gang is pulling off a job to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars. All of this is happening during a snowstorm during Christmas. You can see where all of the plots come together for what will be a wild ride of crime and strange creatures destroying things. And the first issue is laser-focused on setting that all up.

Written by Brendan Columbus, there’s something very familiar about this debut. And that’s not a bad thing at all. The characters all fit their roles and clearly are built on types we’ve seen before with relationships we’ve seen before. And in that way it’s good as we can easily dive into the story focused on the setup and whatever is eventually to come. We don’t need a lot of depth and backstory to the characters because Columbus quickly establishes for us as to who they are.

Al Barrionuevo‘s art helps establish that familiarity and ease. With colors by Candice Han and lettering by Dave Sharpe, the art leans heavily into the familiar. Again, that’s not a bad thing at all. It sets up the town and world easily and allows us to dive in quickly with the numerous moving parts. The local police have a familiar look to themselves that immediately tells us it’s a small town. Those in the town have a blue-collar aspect about them letting us know this isn’t a wealthy community but one that’s struggling. It helps get us through the intro and to the main attraction coming in the second issue.

Savage Circus #1 is an interesting debut. While I wish it got more towards what’s coming, it balances all of its moving parts well. There’s a familiarity about it that allowed me to sink into the story waiting for what’s to come. I wasn’t caught up in the details or each character’s personality, each fits a “role”. Instead, we’re getting a “disaster” story where the action, thrills, and kills, will be the draw. The first issue is the quiet before that storm.

Story: Brendan Columbus Art: Al Barrionuevo
Color: Candice Han Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

Heavy Metal Entertainment provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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