Check Out This Real Life Morningstar Mace Brought to you By The Hacksmith and Marvel Contest of Champions

Have you wondered what a 5-foot iron, chained mace would look like in action? James Hobson, a.k.a. the Hacksmith, is using his engineering skills to team up with Kabam and bring to life a destructive, one-of-kind item – the Morningstar. The prototype was inspired by the original Marvel character – Morningstar – created exclusively for the award-winning, mobile fighter MARVEL Contest of Champions.

Queen Haasen conquered and ruthlessly ruled over her kingdom of Languria with only a few mercenaries, and a demonic sword. But her people rebelled against the Queen’s reign of fire and blood, and sealed her within a mystical iron maiden to suffer for all time. When Mephisto offered her a chance for vengeance, the Prince of Lies granted her new life in the tortured form of her walking iron tomb, and the weapon for which she is named: Morningstar.

New players who download Marvel Contest of Champions will receive a 2-Star Morningstar!