The Dapper and Deadly Hit Monkey and Tigra Joins Marvel Contest of Champions!

The adept hunter Hit Monkey officially joins The Contest alongside his fierce partner Tigra in Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions video game. Kabam partnered with famed YouTube humorist Ze Frank (True Facts series) to narrate Hit Monkey’s Samurai’s Journeya special Motion Comic detailing the two new Champions!

Ah ah, ook oooh ah ah. Ook eek ah ooooh, oh ah eek eeeeek. Ook ah. Ah ooh ooh, ah ooh ahh ah. Eek eeeeek! Eek ooh, oooooooh ah ahhh. Ook oh, ah ah ooh. Aaack ahhh, eek eek oh! Oh oh, ahh oh ah. 


Gwenpool here! It’s a good thing I speak Macaque! This dapper little guy was just an ordinary monkey, until his tribe gave sanctuary to an on-the-run assassin. Mercenaries came and killed both the assassin, and the rest of Hit-Monkey’s tribe! So Hit-Monkey took up the fallen assassin’s weapons and swore vengeance against both those responsible, and all others who call themselves mercenaries.

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