Review: Batman #92

Batman #92

Their Dark Designs” has been rocking the world of Batman. In it, he faces a new foe, the Designer, who has been working in the shadows for years. While Batman #92 is part 7 of the story, it’s an interesting issue. It balances being an almost standalone issue with the big picture story-arc.

Written by James Tynion IV, his kick-off storyline on this pillar of a series has been interesting. With it, he’s blended near standalone issues with a greater storyline. That’s created an interesting read that has been enjoyable on multiple levels and shows it’s something that can be achieved.

The issue has two main storylines. The first involves Batman going against the Riddler. Gotham has been turned into a giant crossword puzzle and only Batman can play the game to solve it. It’s a great battle of the minds really switching things up on the last few issues which have highlight Batman’s other aspects like his physical ability or combat skills. It’s a nice story where intelligence is raised above brawn when it comes to Batman, but, there’s some punching elsewhere.

There’s so many great moments in this segment from Riddler getting increasingly frustrated to Batman showing off just how smart he is by solving the answers. Deathstroke provides some humor to the story as well and has me wanting a team-up where the two are on the same side.

The second half of the comic features Catwoman and Harley Quinn going after the Underbroker to get some money but they run up against the much anticipated character Punchline, Joker’s new partner. We get the expected fight and it’s all interesting but the hype makes it feel a bit like a letdown. Punchline just doesn’t stand out yet as a character and feels like a generic fighter with knives who has a little clown makeup on. Hopefully we get more of something but so far the character doesn’t feel like she quite fits in to the Joker’s insanity.

The art by Guillem March is top notch. With color by Tomeu Morey and lettering by Clayton Cowles, there’s pages that’ll have you linger. Batman in the Bat -train looks amazing and the opening with the Penguin, the character has rarely looked better. The Riddler has gone from a goof to terrifying in design. It’s just a fantastic match of writer and artists.

Batman #92 is a fantastic balance by providing a story that can be enjoyed on its own and tying into the bigger story-arc. It entertains with lots of action, some humor, and thrilling moments. Batman #92 leaves the fighting to others and focuses on the intelligence of Batman as he battles a nemesis. It’s a nice change from previous issues. Tynion is nailing it on his run and this only makes the upcoming “The Joker War” even more anticipated.

Story: James Tynion IV Art: Guillem March
Color: Tomeu Morey Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

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