Review: Powers of X #5

Powers of X #5

With the main story mostly covered, Powers of X #5 continues to fill in the gaps. Writer Jonathan Hickman uses the issue to focus on Emma Frost and her being courted by Xavier and Magneto.

It’s an interesting issue really focused on the politics of what the two leaders are doing. But, the final product, diagrams and all, at times feels like a roleplaying game sourcebook.

With such minutiae as how the government of Krakoa is made up, Powers of X #5 delivers details going through the motions without the passion. It’s all a bit too sly leaving the emotion to the side and coming off as a social studies textbook in comic form.

Beyond Emma’s role in the formation of Krakoa, Forge’s role in Xavier’s plan is explored as well. How do they copy the minds of mutants? Where is it stored? It’s all explained in detail answering questions in an issue full of telling, not showing.

What is clearly laid out is the shift in Xavier’s dream. Namor is courted for the nation and the banter between the two show that the dream of equality is no longer the focus. Again, this is a clear shift towards nationalism instead of the melting pot of the past.

There’s also further exploration of the Phalanx in a story that feels at odds and like a backup to the main show. Its role in Hickman’s story still remains murky and the message at odd with Xavier and Magneto’s vision.

The art by the creative team remains fantastic. R.B. Silva‘s detailed linework with color by Marte Gracia, and lettering by Clayton Cowles is a visual treat. New characters are explored and I want this team on a Namor series. It all looks fantastic and the eras flow seamlessly. Tom Muller‘s designs continue to be intriguing as it has that roleplaying game sourcebook vibe about it.

The issue is an interesting one filling in some details in what Xavier is putting together. It also delivers hints of something more nefarious. Powers of X #5 doesn’t stand out on its own but as a piece of the larger puzzle, it’s an intriguing one.

Story: Jonathan Hickman Art: R.B. Silva
Color: Marte Gracia Letterer: Clayton Cowles Design: Tom Muller
Story: 7.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review