Review: Uncanny X-Men #20

Uncanny X-Men #20

Uncanny X-Men #20 works really well as a part of the bigger puzzle. Pieces come together to form the bigger picture. Key players begin to realize what’s been going on as more is revealed to them and us the reader.

The issue should make long-time readers both excited and frustrated as Matthew Rosenberg has key characters act out of character but also provides reasoning as to why. That’s a key thing with Rosenberg’s run. There are moments, many of them, that might not quite make sense but as things are revealed down the line fall into perfect place. This isn’t a run where you can pick up a single issue. This is a comic run whose entire arc needs to be ingested to enjoy.

This issue focuses on the X-Gene cure with the team turning to Dark Beast to combat it. There’s also a return of the Externals and Nasty Boys for an issues that’s as much a “this is your life” greatest enemies tour as it is wrapping up dangling plotlines. And that’s what Rosenberg’s run is like. It’s both a “celebration” of the past of the X-Men as it is dealing with recent plotlines that remain unsettled.

Rosenberg also keeps the metaphors flowing. There’s much debate about “choice” and allowing individuals to grow into what they naturally are. The groups this can be applied to are many and continues to show the X-Men are a comic creation that can fill in for so many marginalized groups and “tell” their story.

The art by Salvador Larroca is solid. Joined by Guru-eFX on color and Joe Caramagna on the lettering the art continues to look fantastic though never quite over the top. Larroca delivers great action moments but his art run can be defined by the lack of over the top splash pages. Instead, moments are compacted to a page or a few panels. Much like the story, the art feels focused and compacted with a very specific goal in mind. It forgoes the over the top visuals that take up pages without dialogue. The art continues to drive the dialogue and narrative packing in a lot in what it has to work with.

Uncanny X-Men #20 isn’t a comic to just dive in to. The reveals and story are really only going to be enjoyed by those who have followed Rosenberg’s run. It continues recent issue reveals bringing the bigger picture together and making the entire arc that much more enjoyable.

Story: Matthew Rosenberg Art: Salvador Larroca
Color: Guru-eFX Letterer: Joe Caramagna
Story: 7.75 Art: 8.0 Overall: 7.85 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review